The infamous Urban Dictionary. Possibly the only dictionary you still use today and probably the most popular dictionary for sure. Used by the older generation to understand what those young whipper snappers are talking about, and used by young people to say how they really feel. Like we don't have enough places to do that though (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc).

Now I definitely don't agree with these or made any of them up so don't take any of them the wrong way. As those TV disclaimers would say: The views and opinions expressed in this article are of those of the specific contributors to Urban Dictionary and do not reflect the views or opinions of the author of this article. Thank you :)

If you aren't familiar, anyone can contribute to Urban Dictionary. It's like a vulgar, non-scientific, not properly sourced Wikipedia. It does hold some truth though (sometimes) and also can be entertaining. Not everything in the world is on it but some of our uniquely Manitoban things are. There is still a lot more that could be added so if you're feeling creative, feel free to go put Manitoba more on the global map and add things that the internet has yet to know about. As for the things that are currently on Urban Dictionary, this is what it has to say about them.

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People 👨:

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The term 'WINNIPEGGER' is used when referring to an individual who lives in the city of Winnipeg.
(Located in the province of Canada!)

It's the same as when someone says 'new-yorkER' for someone who lives in New York...

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A person who is considered famous within the city of Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba.

Dancing Gabe is Winnifamous both for his sports enthusiasm and his bad-ass dance moves.

You know you're Winnifamous when your picture is hanging on the wall at Kelekis.

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Manitoba Driver

One who alternates driving 20km/h over and 20km/h under the speed limit, prior to making a U-turn from the right lane, usually because they forgot which side of the road Wal-Mart is on.

Watch out for Manitoba Drivers, we're pretty close to Wal-Mart.

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Winnipeg Jets

Left in '96, back in 2011. The NHL franchise with the greatest and loudest fans in the entire league. Anyone who disagrees has not been to the MTS Centre.

Winnipeg Jets. We're back baby.

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Manitoba Moose

Possibly the best name for any organized hockey team ever.
They are a team that is
baised out of Winnipeg Manitoba. They play in the MTS center. And they Also have the best logo ever

"Hey, the what is the best hockey team ever?"
"The Manitoba Moose you idiot"

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Places 🏠:

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The middle child of Canada.

Just like the middle child of your aunt and uncle's family of 5, Manitoba really has no reasons for anyone to outright dislike them. However, like that meek cousin of yours, there's really no reason to like them too much either. It's quiet, it minds it own business, and has no defining characteristics. Plus it's basically at the geographic centre of Canada.

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Slang for the province of Manitoba, Canada. A portmanteau of 'Manitoba' and 'snow', as Manitoba has a reputation for long, cold winters (as do the other Prairie provinces). Often heard together with 'Winterpeg', the slang word for its capital city (Winnipeg).

A: Where are you from?
B: Winnipeg, Manitoba.
A: Oh, Winterpeg Manisnowba? Cold enough for ya there?

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Short for "Manitoba", one of the five "forgotten provinces" of Canada (others being PEI, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia). It can be used as a noun or adjective.

"I went back to Toba, my motherland, for the summer to visit my mennonite cousins. Still nothing there but moose and goths. But at least they have booze and I got totally shit-plastered."

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the only place to have the following seasons.
almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.
also called

pep1:god damn winnipeg is cold.
thats cause your in winterpeg.

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Osborne Village

osbourne village is a street just off of portage ave in winnipeg manitoba where all the dirty kids hang out and pan for booze

me and drunkin jerrey all ways used to pan in osbourne village when me and him lived there

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An area in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Full of hippies, weed, trees, mosquitos, big ol' houses, and is right smack in the middle of the city. Famous in Winnipeg for being the only area that doesn't spray pesticides. You can easily get to just about any pub, club or bar from Wolseley. Best damn neighborhood ever.

Guy from Wolseley: Dude, I'm getting fvcking eaten alive over here.
Girl from Wolseley: But bugs are our friends, man!

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Portage la Prairie

The third-largest city in Manitoba, "Portage la Prairie" is French for "pee stop between Winnipeg and Brandon". The main attractions include the world's largest Coke can in the back of the Canadian Tire parking lot and a gigantic spotlight that's used to blind passing pilots on the roof of the hotel next to the giant Coke can.

Oh man, it's another hour and a half to Brandon! Let's stop for a leak in Portage la Prairie!

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U dub 

just another name for the University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MB Canada)

U of W --- U Dub.

"Where do you go to school?"

"U Dub, b****!"

"Cool. Wanna go outside and make snow angels?"


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Winnipeg, Manitoba. Renamed swaggerville after their football team the Blue Bombers.

Dude 1: Man have you ever been to winnipeg

Dude 2: Yeah it's like the swagger capital of the universe!

Dude 1: No wonder they call it

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Things ⛄:

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Manitoba mascara

Manitoba mascara: when it's so cold outside, frost from your breath condenses on your eyelashes, moustache, eyebrows, etc., refreezes, and looks as if you'd applied blue-white mascara primer.

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Honey Dill Sauce

a combination of mayo, honey, some finely chopped fresh dill and maybe a tiny bit of mustard. incredibly versatile. goes well with chicken (in any form), french fries, hash browns and i've seen some people eat it with pork. absolutely delicious and irreplaceable. if you don't like honey dill sauce there is something wrong with you.

"chick fings please"
"You want honey dill sauce with those fings?"

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The definition of freedom. A wild tribal ceremony held in the bushels of Manitoba, surrounded by exotic features embracing the colossal called life through amercing one's self in both a musical and spiritual ride of a life time. ; A place in Jimmy Hendrix's head.

PRC is a tribe that represents the essence of Folkfest

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A flavoured slush drink pumped with sugar to get the blood flowing. Slurpees are sold at 7-Elevens. Slurpees come in many flavours, ranging from popular soft drink flavours to 7-Eleven's own mixes.

Dispensed by machines that are broken most of the time.

The Slurpee capital of the world is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Let's go get some Slurpees.

Winnie The Pooh

Walking around the house half naked.
Top no bottoms i.e, just a t-shirt.
Doing the Winnie The Pooh.

Also see Donald Duck.

"Went round to Dave's yesterday and he answered to door half naked"

"Half naked "?

"Yeah he was wearing a t-shirt but no bottoms"

"Ah, doing the Winnie The Pooh

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a term first coined in Winnipeg used to describe a private party thrown in a rented hall often with drinking and dancing.

We should go to the halloween social saturday night!

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Bloodsucking insects from hell.

Me: These damned mosquitos are eating me alive! They're like thousands of mini-Draculas!

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The Weakerthans

the most outstanding bi-polar prarie rock youve never heard. canada rules.