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24 Things To Do If You Only Have 24 Hours In Winnipeg

A day in the life of a Winnipeggar.

So much to do, so little time. If you're from outside the city and only here for a day, it can be hard to know what to do if no big events are taking place. Especially if it's a weekday, Winnipeg can feel uneventful, but I promise we have so many great places you need to try out!

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Pull out your "24" watch and make those minutes count! Whether you're looking for breakfast, bars, shopping or just want to explore the city, I'm sure you'll find something in these 24 Things To Do If You Only Have 24 Hours In Winnipeg.

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Things To Do On A Monday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy Brunch At Stella's

via @mystellas

116 Sherbrook St, 166 Osborne St, 1895 Grant Ave, 460 Portage Ave, 340 Provencher Blvd.

Stella's is one of Winnipeg's most popular brunch spots. It's always super busy so go on a Monday as long as it's not a holiday so you don't have to wait for a table.


1. Enjoy a spa day at Thermea

via @thermeawinnipeg

775 Crescent Dr.

Thermea is your go-to spa in Winnipeg. It can get pretty busy on weekends so go on a Monday as long as it's not a holiday so you can get the place all to yourself.


1. Enjoy a night out at The Palamino Club

via @palominoclub

436 Main St.

Known as "The Pal", they are known for their Booty Shake Monday's! Hit up this club if you want a party going on during a Monday. BTW they have a super nice patio!

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Things To Do On A Tuesday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy Brunch At Ben & Florentine

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155 Scurfield Blvd.

Ben & Florentine is a french Canadian brunch spot with only one location in the city so it can get packed up on Weekends. Visit them on a weekday so you can easily get a table.


1. Enjoy your afternoon At The Forks

via @theforkswinnipeg

1 Forks Market Rd.

The Forks Market is one of the best spots in the city! Take a walk along the water, shop the cool stores, grab a bite to eat or have a drink in the newly renovated space. It can get busy when it's a nice day out.


1. Enjoy Dinner At Wasabi

via @wasabiwpg

588 Broadway Ave, 3-1360 Taylor Ave.

Wasabi has arguably the best sushi in the city! It's not your budget sushi but it tastes so good that it's totally worth it. The Broadway location has cool tables upstairs where you can sit in the floor and the Taylor location has a glass kitchen.

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Things To Do On A Wednesday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy brunch at Forth

via @forth_wpg

171 Mcdermot Ave.

Forth is a cute cafe in the Exchange District where you'll find people working or grabbing their morning coffee. They also serve drinks, have a rooftop patio, and have events with various artists and musicians.


1. Enjoy the food trucks on Broadway

via @kyugrill

Broadway Ave between Main St. and Osborne St.

Broadway downtown is the business district where you'll find a lot of the food trucks in the city parked over lunch time. Weekdays at lunch are the best time to find the most food trucks in one place. Kyu Grill is one of the best!


1. Enjoy dinner and drinks at La Roca

via @larocawinnipeg

155 Smith St.

La Roca is a little piece of Mexico right in downtown Winnipeg. Grab a Taco or Margherita and sit out on their super cute patio. Stay all night if you're also feeling like a night out on the town!

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Things To Do On A Thursday For 24 Hours:


1.Enjoy brunch at Crème DeL'Essence

via @cremedelessence

16 -1833 Inkster Blvd.

Crème DeL'Essence is a must try if you're in the city. Winnipeg actually has some of the coolest Filipino foods in the country and Crème DeL'Essence is one of them. They serve unique dishes with a Filipino twist.


1. Enjoy the afternoon at the Assiniboine Park Zoo

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2595 Roblin Blvd.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo needs to be on your bucket list if you have never been there. It was recently renovated with an all new and huge Polar Bear exhibit. Polar Bears from northern Churchill are uniquely Manitoban.


1. Enjoy dinner at Le Garage Café

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166 Provencher Blvd.

Le Garage is in St. Boniface, the french Canadian district of the city. Walk along Provencher Boulevard and stop by cute french shops and cafes. Stay late night for drinks, live music and definitely get a poutine.

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Things To Do On A Friday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy breakfast at Bronuts

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C-100 King St.

Bronuts isn't exactly a breakfast place but as the name says, it's a doughnut place. Grab your morning coffee and try out one of their amazing and unique doughnut flavors. They make new kinds everyday and who doesn't want some Bronuts?


1. Enjoy music at The Cube

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504 Main St.

The Cube is located in Old Market Square in the Exchange district. On certain days (like Friday) during lunch hour they have free music in the park on stage. Some of the food trucks also stop here if you want to grab a bite to eat.


1. Enjoy drinks at Saffrons

via @jadenmcgill

681 Corydon Ave.

Saffrons has probably the biggest patio on Corydon which is awesome because patio space is like gold on corydon. Spend the afternoon walking along Corydon (the Italian district) and check out the cute shops, cafes, and restaurants. Go early so you beat the after work crowd.


1. Enjoy music at The Goodwill

via @thatgoodwill

625 Portage Ave.

The Goodwill is a great place to check out new local music. They also do other interesting events and there is always something happening. If you're hungry they also have a restaurant with wicked food to try out.

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Things To Do On A Saturday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy shopping at Outlet Collection Winnipeg

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555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy.

The Outlet Mall is a first in Winnipeg and literally just built! New stores are still being added. It's brand new and beautiful which means it gets busy so go right in the morning to beat the crowds.


1. Enjoy lunch at Boon Burger

via @boonburger

79 Sherbrook St, 100-141 Bannatyne Ave.

Boon Burger was Canada's first all vegan burger joint. They have now expanded so you might see one popping up in your area. The burgers are amazing even if you're not vegan and they have vegan ice cream too.


1. Enjoy drinks at Teo's

via @teosoncorydon

691 Corydon Ave.

Teo's is a great spot to sit out in the evening and stay all night. They are part of Mano Mano which is the restaurant right beside it to eat a nice dinner, but then Teo's has DJ's and music at night. The bar opens up to the patio and is awesome!

Late Night:

1.Enjoy food at Little Pizza Heaven

via @alittlepizzaheaven

120 Osborne St.

Little Pizza Heaven actually has multiple locations but make sure you go to the one on Osborne because that is the only location open late! This is your go-to post bar snack and they are open until 3:30am.

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Things To Do On A Sunday For 24 Hours:


1. Enjoy brunch at Clementine

via @clementine.winnipeg

123 Princess St.

Clementine is a perfect spot to grab brunch on the weekend. Brunch is everyones fave so the good spots fill up fast on weekend. The good thing about Clementine is they have all day breakfast so you don't have to worry about beating the line.


1. Enjoy ice cream at BDI

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766 Jubilee Ave.

The Bridge Drive In, known as BDI, is a Winnipeg classic. It's everyones favourite and go-to summer activity. It's a small pick up window ice cream shop that's right by a cute bridge to walk along while you eat your sweets.


1. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Carnaval

via @carnavalrestaurant.ca

100-270 Waterfront Dr.

Carnaval is a Brazilian BBQ that serves amazing all you can eat meat. The sides are also delicious and all you can eat. If you're tight on cash go for the lunch since it's a lot cheaper. They have nice views of the city or sit out on their patio which is right beside the water.


1. Enjoy drinks at Bar Italia

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737 Corydon Ave.

Bar Italia is perfect for Sunday as it's one of the places in the city that has people in it on a quiet Sunday night. They have a patio if you want to be outside and they also have wicked food if your hungry.