Make this summer the best one yet! Manitoba has it going on if you know where to go. Hit the beach that looks like you're in the carribean, eat food that makes you feel like your traveling the globe, or just enjoy the plain old prairies with our local charm.

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If you've ever felt like you've done it all in Manitoba, this list is gonna put you to the test! So get out, explore Manitoba, and get started on these 33 Bucket List Things To Do In Manitoba This Summer 2017.

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1. Visit one of these places in Manitoba if you're broke but love to travel.

2. Check out these "illegal date ideas" that we definitely don't encourage you to try.

3. Do one of these super fun things to do with your significant other in 2017.

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4. Visit one of Canada's National Parks in Manitoba that are free this year.

5. Eat at Winnipeg's first Jollibee that everyone's been talking about.

6. Go out and grab brunch at Winnipeg's best frunch spots.

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7. Attend one of Manitoba's amazing festivals this summer.

8. Do some of these free things in Winnipeg if you're bored and broke.

9. Browse some of our best thrift shops and find your new summer outfit.

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10. Go to Folkfest because it's the one festival we will never get sick of going to.

11. Hit up some of Winnipeg's best bars.

12. Satisfy your pizza craving with one of the amazing pizza places.

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13. Take a cruise to one of Manitoba's ice cream shops that are worth drive.

14. Go do one of these fun things now that exams are finally over.

15. Visit one of these surreal places in Manitoba that you won't believe really exist.

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16. Stay in one of Manitoba's most unique places that look ridiculously cool.

17. Check out some of Manitoba's super weird giant roadside attractions.

18. Have one of these must-eat burgers you should have already tried.

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19. Try one of Winnipeg's most insane breakfast foods.

20. Get an adult happy meal with replaces the toy with a beer.

21. Go to Winnipeg's first and all new outlet mall.

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22. Try out the most epic water activity you can do in Manitoba this summer.

23. Go to Winnipeg's very first night market.

24. Explore one of Manitoba's haunted spots if you dare.

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25. Try one of these date ideas for couple who are bored of everything and have been going out forver.

26. Explore one of Winnipeg's hidden gems you may have not known existed but have to check out.

27. Drink up one of these insanely good caesars in Winnipeg that you have to try.

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28. Check out some of Winnipeg's best tattoo artists work on Instagram and get some ink.

29. Get an epic summer photoshoot done by some of Winnipeg's most talented photographers that will make you look flawless.

30. Eat some guilty pleasure junk foods in Winnipeg that are better than sex.

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31. Check one of these Winnipeg bucketlist foods off your list.

32. Take a summer getaway and Fly to Toronto for under $300 round trip.

33. Use this map to go on this most epic brewery hop accross Winnipeg.