With all the ridiculous but amazing inflatable swimming floats you can get now, you need to take them out to float down the river! Seriously, just imagine them all floating down the water... it will be like a magical river full of rainbows and delicious foods.

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Grab your Explorer 200, donut, unicorn, swan, flamingo, rubber ducky, pizza, ice cream, pretzel, watermelon, pineapple, party island, poop emoji, or whatever other wild and crazy float you have! Then head out to one of these rivers and show it off!

The Brokenhead River

Perfect for your floats that don't hold you up well (but you bought them anyways because they looked super cool) because it's shallow and slow. You can get to it through the Brokenhead River Park Campground.

The Little Saskatchewan River

This river goes through Manitoba's very own Riverdale! Most people get on the river at Kirkham's Bridge. For more information on the route check out Virtual Manitoba.

The Whitemouth River

Calling all donut tubers! This wicked map shows you where to get on the river, off the river, park and more. Give Nizon some Reddit karma for making this!

The Pinawa Channel

Perfect if you don't want to have to worry about getting picked up at the end! Wilderness Edge Resort will drop you off and pick you up. Check out Explore The 204 for a map and lots more great info!

The Shell River

A great river for your donut tubes or a lounger to just chill and relax. Sometimes people even use poles to help push themselves along the river. Get to it from Asessippi Beach & Campground.

The Assiniboine River

Something more like the Explorer 200 is recommended for this one! That way you can bring lifejackets and some safety equipment just in case. It can get fast and isn't for everyone so float with caution. If you're daring though you can float right through Winnipeg!