Remember the MythBusters show!? You must have watched the Discovery Channel at least once in your life. I'm no Discovery Channel scientist, and the 2 guys from MythBusters have mad skills on me, but not all myths need Adam and Jamie for help (although it would be cool if they did!).

There's always that one person who tends to think they know everything. Whether it's about Manitoba's history, some random weird facts like how glowsticks are made, or they just like to correct someone if they're wrong. I wonder if someone reading this is like "I know how they are made" and if you just thought that, you might just be that person (or you also watch How It's Made).

If you do watch Myth Busters though, there's a chance you know more than most, well at least about science or random facts. I mean if you spend your time watching the Discovery channel over MTV, you're probably in some top percentile of people. I'm not hating on MTV though, I love MTV.

Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? People talk and like everyone we can get caught up in the opinions of others. Like any city around the world though, Winnipeg is home to many myths that need a bit of busting. So here are 6 Myths Every Manitoban Is Guilty Of Believing.

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Myth: The prairies can be boring.

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I get that the prairies can look boring if you're not into farming. So unless you get excited about farming all that prairie land and taking on the miles and miles of fields, it can seem like it doesn't provide us with much to do.

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When you grow up in the prairies, all the flat land can start to look all the same, but that doesn't actually make it boring. Without these fields, we wouldn't have all our awesome corn mazes!

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All the fields and space provide us with so much room for awesomeness like music festivals, bush parties, and the ability to build anywhere.

Busted: Manitoba is more trendy and exciting than ever.

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Head up north or out east and you'll find much more variety of landscapes like waterfalls, rapids, cliffs, big hills (not quite mountains) and much more. Our talented photographers are showing us just how amazing these spots are!

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This year's Nuit Blanche brought lots of amazing art to Winnipeg making it look more and more beautiful every year. The local businesses and artists have been making the city so much cooler!

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Winnipeg is a growing city and has lots to do now that we didn't before. We got The Jets back, our first new Outlet Mall, way more markets, the new Blue Bomber Stadium, and tons more!

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Myth: Manitoba has the worst weather.

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Yes, it does get super, super cold, there is no doubting that, but it's only for like two months and at least it's not some killer natural disaster.

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Natural disasters have been taking over Twitter and the news lately. With so many places around the world getting hit by hurricanes and earthquakes, we are so lucky we don't have that.

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Did you know last year in Vancouver in October it rained 29 out of 31 days? The thing is, that's like almost normal, it gets close to that every month except for summer.

Busted: Our weather could be way worse.

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How could you enjoy Thermea if it was raining every single day? It just wouldn't be the same. In October we got tons of sunshine!

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We are lucky enough to enjoy our lakes and rivers without the risk of hurricanes or anything crazy like that. We also get to experience all the season with hot summers and snowy winters.

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The fall season in Manitoba is beautiful and makes for a great time to do photography. It's also perfect to wear those comfy sweaters and boots.

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Myth: Winnipeg traffic is the worst.

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If you take the bus you're probably guilty of hating on the transportation system. I know I am too, but trust me, it could be worse.

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Rush hour can feel like rush hours and be super frustrating when all you want to do is get home after a hards day work. Especially getting jammed up in downtown.

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Don't even get started on when you start adding construction into the mix during rush hour. All summer long construction crews for dayyys.

Busted: An hour in rush hour is not even bad.

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Have you been to a big city? Have you been to Toronto during rush hour? If you have, I bet Winnipeg traffic doesn't bother you at all. It can take 3 hours to get home there.

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Other places around the world have so much more traffic than anywhere in Canada can even imagine. Plus add mopeds, rickshaws, and more into the mix.

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Never mind just traffic, places like India have legit crazy transportation like nowhere else. The trains and buses get so packed that people actually die.

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Myth: Winnipeg is too small.

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We are a small city compared to cities around the world for sure. Canada doesn't have a big population compared to many other populous countries.

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Winnipeg has everything a city needs. We have a bustling downtown with a convention centre and arena. We also have many different vibrant areas and suburbs that surround the city.

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Winnipeg has some super special buildings like the Museum Of Human Rights which is huuuuuge and looks like it belongs in a big city.

Busted: Winnipeg has almost 1 million people.

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On July 1st, 2016 it was stated that Winnipeg has over 811,874 people. So now over a year later we are definitely higher than that and getting closer to that 1 million mark.

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We even got a brand new Winnipeg sign just like the Toronto one. I think that just shows were running with the big dogs now!

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Downtown and especially The Exchange District has been getting revamped the past years and is continuing to do. It's making our cities core just as cool as the bigger cities.

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Myth: The bugs here are bad.

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I don't like bugs. Especially right now. I used to like Lady Bugs the most out of all the bugs but now with these Asian Lady Bugs taking over, they totally gross me out.

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The age-old Manitoba mosquito problem. Every summer, when you see the first one and just know they are coming for you!

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We also have those black Caterpillars. I haven't noticed them much this year. Maybe the Asian Lady Bugs beat them out for the invasion or something.

Busted: The bugs here won't hurt you.

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There are some exceptions to the bugs here not hurting you like Lime disease or allergic reactions to bees and wasps. For the most part though, our bugs are not harmful.

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Other places have poisonous spiders, scorpions, snakes, ants, flies, and other insects like mosquitos that carry diseases and infections.

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I am terrified of the photos of scary bugs and these ones were mild. I couldn't bring myself to actually look and choose the scariest photos of them from around the world. 

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Myth: We're notoriously cheap.

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Just because we don't have as much money as Vancouver or somewhere like that doesn't make us cheap, just maybe not as fancy. 

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Yeah, we have relatively cheap houses, but i'm not complaining. That means though that we can live a better lifestyle!

Busted: There is lots of luxury to be found.

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We still have some luxury things like expensive cars and dealerships, million dollar homes, and more.

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Most importantly, we have lots of great fine dining restaurants which aren't cheap at all and worth every penny of deliciousness.