6 Super Cute Bakeries To Try With Your BFFs In Winnipeg

The cakes are too cute to eat!
6 Super Cute Bakeries To Try With Your BFFs In Winnipeg

Only the cutest of cakes are acceptable for our crew! I couldn't even tell at first that some of these were even cakes! So basically if you want the most epic cake, just pick your favorite thing, and Winnipeg's own Cake Bosses will turn them into a delicious edible masterpiece.

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Enjoy all your favorite things made into crazy cakes by some of the best bakers in the city. These super cute bakeries make cakes so cute, it's like eating a piece of art! So skip the art gallery and try one of these super cute bakeries with your BFF.

Louis Vuitton Cake // Jenna Rae Cakes

Michael Kors Cake // Cake-ology

Starbucks Cake // High Tea Bakery

Wine Cake // Jenna Rae Cakes

Guitar Cake // High Tea Bakery

Chanel Cake // Jenna Rae Cakes

Converse Cake // Cake-ology

Hennessy Cake // Goodies Bake Shop

Poutine Cake // Buttercream By Alareen

KFC Cake // Cake-ology

Koala Cake // Sugar Blooms And Cakes

Dory Cake // Cake-ology

Crocodile Cake // Sugar Blooms And Cakes

Scrabble Cake // Cake-ology

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