Police are appealing to the Canadian public to locate a 6-year-old and her mother, who are missing and believed to be somewhere in Canada. The pair are from Clinton Township which is in Michigan, United States. 

Today, Winnipeg Police Service issued a notice asking the public to help located 6-year-old Ayla Velic and her mother, 30-year-old Elmedina Velic. In their notice, police say "they travelled to Winnipeg earlier this year, however, they may currently be in Ontario."

Police in Winnipeg also said that the pair has been missing since the beginning of the year. Constable Rob Carver said, "what we know from U.S. authorities, it was sometime in January when [Elmedina Velic] was believed to have left with her daughter and wasn’t coming back." 

Ayla's father, Dennis Velic confirmed this. CBC reports that Dennis Velic said today that he last saw his daughter on January 2, when he dropped her off at school. He also said that his ex-wife took his daughter without his permission. The two parents have joint-custody of Ayla. 

Fortunately, if there is any good news in this case, which is considered an abduction, Winnipeg Police confirmed this morning that "there is no evidence to suggest there is a concern for Ayla’s safety" which is why an AMBER Alert hasn't been issued. 

It's believed that Ayla and Elmedina Velic are travelling in a 2016 red Nissan Versa. The car has a Michigan license plate reading: DUE 2506. 

They are believed to be in Canada, as Elmedina is originally from Canada and is said to have friends and family here, particularly in Winnipeg. 

According to Winnipeg Police, they have "received authorization under a Hague Convention Application to apprehend Ayla Velic." 

While the investigation is being handled by the Winnipeg Police, it is believed that Ayla and Elmedina could be in Ontario now. Police are "asking anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Ayla and Elmedina Velic to contact the Missing Person's Unit at 204-986-6250."