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5 Best Restaurants In Winnipeg You Need To Go To If You Really Love Ramen

What better way to combat the snow than with some hot delicious Ramen? If there is anyone who needs good soup, it's definitely Winnipeggers.  We work hard to get our cars out of the snow or make it to work somewhat on time. So when those blizzards strike, make sure your meal warms you up just right.

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Eating Ramen is not just for when you're broke anymore! These restaurants spice it up! Literally and figuratively. But if you're all about getting the best bang for your buck, then Ramen is still your best friend. You always get a GIANT bowl of soup that will be sure to make you feel like it was money well spent. Here are 5 Best Restaurants In Winnipeg You Need To Go To If You Really Love Ramen.

Kyu Bistro // 185 Isabel St.

Kyu Bistro is part of Kyu Grill, those guys who make the Heroshimas at the Food Truck Wars. They are not a one hit wonder though since their Ramen is also another one of Winnipeg's best.

Yujiro // 1822 Grant Ave.

Yujiro is perfect if you like your soup hot, hot, hot!  They have that super spicy Ramen for all you badasses!

Kazoku // 30-2579 Pembina Hwy.

Kazoku is the place to go if you're going up on a Tuesday.Why? Tuesday is Ramen Day!

Dwarf no Cachette // 157 Provencher Blvd.

Dwarf no Cachette is just the place to go if you want a great Snap story with your meal. On certain nights they wear costumes, sing songs, and dance!

 Izakaya Edokko // 190 Smith St.

Izakaya Edokko is brand new for 2017, so all you foodies need to get on this one!

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