You know exactly who you are you, secret grandmas! Maybe your knitting game is on point or staying up past 10 PM is wayyy past your bed time. Whether you watch too much HGTV, have an affinity for floral patterns or wear your cat on a sweater, I feel you. Animals and home decorations are life.

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Whatever your grandma game is, leave that life behind for a day and let's get cray! Enjoy these 9 Crazy adventures To Go On In Manitoba If You And Your Friends Are Secretly Grandmas.

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Prairie Whitewater Rafting // Determined based on water levels

Go on an insane ride through the rapids and waterfalls with Prairie Whitewater rafting. You can go on anywhere from a few hours to a multi-day adventure.

Cost: $200+

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Splatters Paintball // New Bothwell

Go paint balling and adventure through all the different obstacles and courses. Stack up your squad to make the ultimate paintball dream team.

Cost: $35+

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River Tubing // Various Locations

Go adventure down the winding rivers of Manitoba. You can even bring your Aquatic exercise floats if you're a true grandma like that.

Cost: Free or $25+ to buy a tube

The Ultimate Summer Bar Crawl // Winnipeg

Go on the most epic summer bar crawl with this map from Narcity. Adventure through the city and see how many of the bars you can conquer.

Cost: $50+

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Falcon Lake Marina // Falcon Lake

Go out on the lake and fill up the boat with all your friends. Explore the lake and adventure through the water in style.

Cost: $165+

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Adventure At Altitude // Steinbach

Go hang gliding hundreds of feet in the air and view the province like no other. This is as close to actually flying as you'll get!

Cost: $199+

Sea North Tours // Churchill

Go snorkeling up north to see the beluga whales right up and close in action. It's cold but they give you specialized wet suits that keep you warm.

Cost: $250+

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Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures // Pembina Valley

Go zipline through the trees and soar through the air at Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures. They have 8 lines for you to adventure from.

Cost: $70+

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Sundance Balloons // Winnipeg

Go high in the sky with a hot air balloon ride right in Winnipeg. Adventure over the city way way way up in the clouds.

Cost: $250+