9 Reasons Why You Need A Winnipeg Girlfriend In Your Life

I'll let you in on a little secret...Winnipeg is filled with really, really beautiful women. It's a well-known fact in the city, but beyond that, people don't seem to catch on. I think our undesirable climate and underrated culture keeps people away, but for those who are lucky enough to snag a Winnipeg woman, good on ya.

In case you're still having doubts, here are a few more reasons why you need a Winnipeg girlfriend in your life:

1. She looks seriously good in winter gear.

Any girl can rock a breezy summer dresses and tiny tanks, but it takes a Winnipeg girl to perfect the look of a puffy parka and clunky winter boots. Especially when it's -30 and thin-heeled ankle boots just aren't an option. Winnipeg girls have found a way to accessorize with style while still staying warm—Oak and Oar toque, Canadian Olympic mittens, infinity scarf from Out of the Blue— and if that's not resourceful, I don't know what is.

2. Her travel bug is contagious.

Winnipeg may be "home", but it also tends to spark a little wanderlust in each of its inhabitants. Winnipeg girls will always recognize where they come from, but they also realize there are beautiful places in the world demanding to be explored. If you're lucky enough to land a Winnipeg girlfriend, she'll probably drag you along on her next backpacking adventure or road trip.

3. She'll evolve your tastes.

Winnipeg has a hugely diverse food scene with new restaurants opening almost monthly. Winnipeg girls know where you can find the cheapest breakfast, the biggest burger, the fanciest dinner, and the quickest drive-thru. You might have to sit through her snapping an Instagram pic before every meal, but it's damn well worth it.

4. She knows how to make fun out of anything and everything.

Growing up in Winnipeg sometimes meant finding entertainment in a slow, sleepy town where there wasn't always much going on. Winnipeg girls know how to make a game out of everything—shovelling the driveway, waiting for Winnipeg Transit, driving through long stretches of wheat-field highways.

5. You’ll be able to watch the Jets game with your friends.

Because she'll be right there with you, looking cute AF in a Byfuglien jersey and tossing back her second Jets' dog in between beers.

6. She’s content with the little things.

Winnipeg is the perfect place to enjoy simple pleasures—she knows the beauty in watching the sunrise over the CMHR, driving through the Christmas light show on Candy Cane Lane during the holidays, and taking a walk through Assiniboine Park. Of course, she wouldn't turn down a dinner at 529 Wellington, but expensive dinners and gifts aren't a requirement when dating a Winnipeg girl.

7. Her room/apartment is probably nicer than yours.

Her Wolseley apartment has hanging plants from Verde Plant Design, dishes from Mud + Stone, and beautiful decor from small local shops like Tiny Feast and Modern Supply Co. Winnipeg girls know how important having a beautiful, cozy space can be in a place with a chilly climate where you spend so much time indoors. You'll always have a place to cuddle up and watch The Office reruns on Netflix when you're dating a Winnipeg girl.

8. She's open-minded.

She grew up in a city with an extremely diverse population, and traveling often has opened her up to new experiences, cultures and lifestyles. You might find yourself holding up a sign alongside her as she protests the latest city hall decision at Portage and Main or waving to her from the sidelines as she marches in the Pride parade. It's never a dull moment when you're dating a Winnipeg girl.

9. She'll make you fall in love..with her and Winnipeg.

The most important thing a Winnipeg girl can do for you is bring out a new side of her city and make you love it, too—so that even the drivers on your morning Portage Ave commute don't seem so grumpy. Winnipeg gets a lot of flak, but date a Winnipeg girl and you'll start to see the rosy colours hidden beneath a (very) snowy exterior.

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