We've had amazing weather lately so let's enjoy it while we can and enjoy the fall while it's hot out! Even though those water activities might be a little cold it's actually been warm enough lately to hit the beach!

While the fall isn't normally beach weather it's still a perfect time to go mountain hiking and exploring! You can still get on the water and take a canoe trip or even a cruise. So enjoy these 9 Surprising Things You Never Thought You Could Do In Manitoba This Fall.

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Adventurous Things:

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Mountain Hiking

Baldy Mountain is the highest point in Manitoba! It's located in Duck Mountain Provincial Park and has a cool viewing tower to get even higher up!

Scuba Diving

You can actually go scuba diving in West Hawk Lake and Clear Lake. Blue Oasis Dive Centre takes groups every year to do open water training. The next one is Sept 15th.

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Finding Pictographs

Take the canoe or boat to find these cool pictographs. They are located on Tramping Lake before the Wekusko Falls and Lodge, although apparently they may have been vandalized now :(

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Visit Cannibal Island

Visit the uninhabited Cannibal island. It's part of the Sandy Islands located on Lake Winnipeg. If the trek is too much though visit one of Manitoba's other many islands.

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Relaxed Things:

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Chilling In The Desert

So it's not an actual desert but Spruce Woods Provincial Park has sand dunes for your to explore, hike, and even meditate.

Go On A Cruise

Take a cruise on the MS Kenora and get amazing fall views of Lake Of The Woods. The next trip is on Sept 16th.

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Go All Titanic 

Climb aboard the MV Ithaca and let your inner Rose out! Leo won't be there to save you at least your ship won't be sinking. The trip up to Churchill is definitely an adventure though!

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Indoor Things:

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Be A Flying Squirrel

So like not exactly, but you can definitely feel like one! The all new "Flying Squirrel" trampoline park plans to be opened this November.

Float On The Wall

Check out this floating art installation that is part of this year's Nuit Blanche. It will be located at the Manitoba Museum on Sept 30th.