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9 Unique Places To Take A Date In Brandon If You Don’t Drink

Did someone say, glow bowling?
9 Unique Places To Take A Date In Brandon If You Don’t Drink

Brandon, Manitoba is the city west of Winnipeg (and we all know that things get better the further west you go...) It's the second largest city in Manitoba and is embedded in rich Canadian history. 

There’s much to explore in Brandon and you don’t have to be drunk to do it. It’s not a novice idea these days to drop the booze and go sober. Whether you’ve decided to ditch alcohol for a few months or all together there are still so many fun things you can do that don’t involve going to a bar. 

Going completely dry is not for everyone but it is completely okay if you just want to take a night or two off the sauce. Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting plagued with the nightmare hangover and you actually want to enjoy your Sunday outside of hungover brunch and video games (what a concept!) It makes sense. With the summer swiftly approaching it feels like such a waste to spend your entire weekend indoors...with the blinds pulled...guzzling Advil....don’t you think? Of course you do. You live in Manitoba. You know how coveted these summer days are. FYI, not drinking doesn’t mean staying in for Netflix and Chill. 

Lucky for you, you live in Brandon and there’s plenty of fun activities to do in the city that don’t involve beer bongs, kegs, or boxed wine. From glow bowling to escape rooms and even some creepy crawlies, Brandon is the perfect setting for your next date night. 

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Swinging Bridge // Sowden Street at Crescent Avenue

Come check out Canada's longest historic suspension bridge that spans 604 feet.

Walk along the bridge hand in hand to cross over the Souris River.

Cost: Free!

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Thunderbird Bowl // 2140 Currie Blvd

I'm sorry but glow bowling is so much fun. First of all, you get to think of hilarious nicknames for yourself to keep score, then you get to wear white and glow with all the black light action, and lastly, anyone who says bowling is boring is no friend of mine.

Thunderbird is open until 1AM on the weekends, has a restaurant, and when you really start to get good you can join a league too!

Cost: $4.75 per game

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The 60's Drive-In // 1528 1st St N

Let's face it, the cutest date idea is mini golf. First of all, everything is in minuature and second you can play dumb and have him help you out with your swing...

Take your next date to The 60s Drive-In to play a few holes, bask in the sun, and get your competitve juices flowing.

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Brandon Wheat Kings // 1175 18th St

Go local sports team! But actually... The Brandon Wheat Kings are the junior ice hockey team of the Western Hockey League and not to brag or anything but they've won 8 Turnbull Cup Championships. So... take that.

Watching hockey is a great way to spend a date with your s/o. The crowd comroderie, the energy and excitement of the game, and the chance to get on the jumbotron are reason enough to take your next date there.

Cost: $22

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Escape the Final Countdown // 161 8 St

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTODOWN! Escape rooms are getting more and more popular and Brandon now has Escape the Final Countdown for you and your date to challenge.

The objective is to get out within 60 minutes so you and your date need to put your heads together and escape the room by solving puzzles with clues before time runs out! Up for the challenge?

Cost: $25

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Westman Reptile Gardens // NE 16-10-17W

Let things get a little slimy, crawly, and creepy at the Westman Reptile Gardens. Cozy up to your date as your walk through North America's most varied grouping of reptiles and amphibians.

P-sssssss-t. If you're lucky, you might even get the chance to hold one of the snakes! Who's brave enough?

Cost: $6

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Fun Time Pottery // 535 34th St

Painting pottery is a fun way to express your creativity and show affection on a date without going all PDA and making all us single people hate you.

What's cuter than designing and painting a mug for bae to use when he has his morning coffee? Nothing.

Cost: Studio fee $8 // Prices per ceramics may vary

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Fun N' Games HQ // 824 18th St

A place that's so much about fun that it's built into the name! Play games, win prizes, and don't worry about getting too competitive...that's part of the fun!

Plus, the also have cotton candy, slushies, popcorn, and mini donuts. If you aren't sold by now then I don't want to be your friend.

Cost: Prices per games may vary

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Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum // 300 Commonwealth Way

Located at the Brandon Municipal Airport is the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum. It is dedicated to honouring the memory of pilots and airmen from the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

You can visit the museum and look at original and replica planes from WWII and if you're really lucky you may get to get on board and take yourself back in time! Education can be sexy.

Cost: $7.50

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