A plane that was headed from Manchester to Las Vegas on March 24, 2018, was forced to land in Winnipeg after four drunken men caused such a scene that an emergency landing was needed. The four men were arrested by RCMP as soon as the plane landed and were charged for being drunk on an aircraft and public disorder. Three of the men have been sentenced to spend two years in jail for their behavior. 

According to the National Post, a group of four men from Manchester was headed to a stag party in Las Vegas when they become drunk and extremely rowdy on the plane. The men were drinking excessive amounts of alcohol that they had bought duty-free, smoking e-cigarettes and even having 'water fights' with each other.  

These 'water fights' started to get out of hand when the four men started to throw water bottles throughout the airplane, soaking passengers around them. It was also stated that the men were seen exposing themselves to the other passengers on the plane. 

Despite multiple warnings from the crew members, the four men continued with their drunken behavior. One man even told the staff, "You can't tell me what to do. You are lower down the food chain from me." 

Eventually, the men's behavior became so out of hand that the captain made the decision to divert the plane to Winnipeg and was forced to dump over 37,000 liters of fuel out of the plane so that they were able to land safely. 

The Greater Manchester Police state that upon landing, the RCMP arrested all four men. On Tuesday, these men appeared in the Manchester Crown Court for their charges. Scott Capper, 22, Craig Hopwood, 32, and Michael Ward, 33, will be spending two years in jail. The fourth member of the group Daniel Howarth, 35, was sentenced to one year and seven months in jail. 

This isn't the first time that a plane has been forced to land in Canada due to drunk behavior. At the beginning of the year a WestJet flight that was heading from Calgary to London, England was forced to divert back for an emergency landing in Calgary after one man on board became severely intoxicated. 

The flight was forced to turn around an hour after departure when the man became abusive with the flight crew and the passengers. After the plane was forced to dump 20,000 pounds of fuel to make an emergency landing the man was arrested. 

Since then, the man has been ordered to pay the airline back $21,260.68 to compensate for the lost fuel that was used in order to land back in Calgary. 

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