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A Massive Poutine Festival Is Coming To Winnipeg And It's Every Foodie's Dream

Fries and gravy as far as the eye can see!
A Massive Poutine Festival Is Coming To Winnipeg And It's Every Foodie's Dream

While I don't live in Winnipeg, there are a few things I can safely assume. They're the home of the NHL Team, Winnipeg Jets. It probably gets really cold in the winter... I mean they can't call it Winterpeg for nothing. Most importantly though: they LOVE their poutine, because, when a poutine festival comes to Winnipeg - and has over 65 restaurants - that's the impression I'm gonna get. 

This giant festival is all part of La Poutine Week - a weeklong festival that takes place all across Canada. For Winnipeg especially, it's going to be huge! You heard me right, I really mean over 65 restaurants! 73 to be exact. That's more than a week's worth of meals. 

@lapoutineweekembedded via

@lapoutineweekembedded via

From February 1st to 6th, you can visit any of the participating restaurants to try each unique and crazy flavour that they have to showcase. And while it's impossible for me to highlight every standout on this list, here are a few that pop out at first glance:

  • Shephard's Pie Poutine at St. James Burger & Chip Co. 

  • Confit Duck Poutine at The Riverside

  • Brisket & Latke Fry Poutine at Bernstein's Deli

  • Golden Boy Poutine at Pony Corral Pier 7

And that's just to name a few! Then, after trying as many as you can humanely handle, it's up to you to visit and vote for your favourites! So here's to you Winnipeg - and may your best poutine win!

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