A Via Rail Derailment In Manitoba Is Being Investigated By VIA & Authorities (PHOTOS)

Taking the train can be a great way to travel. However, just like with any other travel options, there is the possibility of an accident. The most recent case is a VIA Rail derailment that occurred in Manitoba during the early morning hours.

The passenger train carrying 12 people, seven passengers and five workers, derailed just outside of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba at 6:44 a.m. CT today. 

According to the Manitoba RCMP, the passengers are being assessed by first responders. At this time, there have not been any reports of serious injuries.

In an email statement to Narcity, a spokesperson for VIA Rail said that the derailment occurred due to an "unexpected incident." VIA Rail is currently working with authorities and an investigation is underway to figure out what happened.

It's not just the railway that's affected, the derailment has also resulted in one road closure. Highway 350 at Road 73N has been closed. However, there are detours for drivers that may be heading that direction.

VIA also confirmed to Narcity that this incident involved the 692 train, which travels from Churchill to Winnipeg.

Its long journey lasts two days and two nights over a distance of 1,697 kilometres.

A tweet from the Manitoba RCMP included up-close photos of the derailment.

"Well that takes a train ride off the list of things to do," Twitter user @chaserimkus wrote in a reply.

Meanwhile, @Mary85282025 complemented the skills of the photographer, writing, "Terrific shots of an awful situation. Very scary stuff for all."

Recently, VIA passengers on another long ride from Toronto to Vancouver had to deal with their own problems. Due to mechanical issues, the train was delayed by 41 hours.

While a derailment is a pretty scary thing to go through, it's a good thing that none of the passengers appear to be seriously injured.

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