Churchill, Manitoba is known around the world as one of the best spots to watch the Northern Lights dance across the night sky. That's because it sits directly below the Auroral Oval—they get more than 300 nights of auroral activity a year!

It's also starting to be recognized as one of the most romantic places in Canada—last year, there were three proposals in just one week underneath the colourful Aurora Borealis.

This natural phenomenon is best seen at night in January to March, and if you're hoping to get a front row seat to the show (but don't really want to deal with the cold temperatures of Northern Manitoba) you're in luck—you can rent heated aurora domes to watch the lights outside of town, away from light pollution and distractions.

Plexiglass bubble Aurora domes or pods are offered by travel companies in Churchill and vary in size—some are larger, group-sized pods while others are smaller and private (perfect for you and bae to snuggle up). Light snacks and warm drinks are usually offered, and heaters and reclining seats make it extra cozy and comfortable.

Average rates for the aurora pods are around $120/per person per night, and viewings can go until as late as 2 - 3AM.

The Northern Lights depend on certain conditions to appear—a clear night, certain gases in the atmosphere, and solar winds. Because it's a part of nature, the nightly light show isn't guaranteed, but travel experts say if you head up to Churchill to catch a glimpse of them, you'll be blown away.

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