Canada Goose Reopens Winnipeg Factories To Help Make Millions Of Medical Supplies

They intend to make 60,000 gowns every week!
Canada Goose Reopens Winnipeg Factories To Help Make Millions Of Medical Supplies

The fight against COVID-19 is hitting everyone hard, from hospitals and medical workers to locals who got put out of a job. One company decided to kill two geese with one stone and help both unemployment numbers, as well as the country's lack of medical supplies. Canada Goose's medical supplies will put hundreds of people back to work, and facilities will be reopening in Winnipeg.

On Tuesday, March 17, Canada Goose closed all of its stores due to concerns about COVID-19.

But, according to a statement on Thursday, April 9, the company is reopening eight facilities across Canada, including three in Winnipeg. Here, they'll continue to churn out masks and gowns for frontline workers.

They'll be making 60,000 gowns a week at full capacity, putting 900 employees back to work across the nation.

This is a follow-up to their earlier announcement to help. While their original goal was just 10,000 units of gear, they're ramping up to donate 1.5 million units of L2 medical gowns nationwide.

In their statement, they also note that any unintentional profits from these efforts will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

The facilities being reopened include three in Winnipeg, three in the Greater Toronto Area, one in Montreal, and one in Boisbriand, Quebec.

Right now, 150 employees are already working at the Winnipeg and Toronto sites.

The company has already started shipping out supplies to health authorities this week.

They'll also be producing 100,000 reusable gowns for Shared Health Manitoba, on top of the 1.5 million goal set for Canada.

"We are prepared to leverage all of our resources to do what’s right for our country," said Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose.

Health care supplies like masks and gowns have recently been a source of worry across the nation, especially when it comes to people buying out all of the medical supplies from stores.

The government has been helping out with the problem, spending billions on personal protective equipment.

However, it's heartwarming to see Canadian companies stepping up too.

With all the stress of this pandemic, it's nice to hear some good news.

Hopefully, all of this new gear will help to lighten some of the burden across the nation.