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Canadian Man Kidnapped At Knife Point And Tortured Overnight By Gang Of Suspects Who Have Finally Been Charged

Suspects have finally been charged in kidnapping of Winnipeg man.

An intensely scary and tragic kidnapping happened in Winnipeg this past summer, and now three months later, two Winnipeg men have been charged with multiple criminal offences including kidnapping, robbery, possession of a weapon, forcible confinement and more. 

Back on June 8, 2018, a 32-year-old man in Winnipeg was not only kidnapped and assaulted but forced into a series of life-threatening events. He was robbed, beaten and forced to breathe meth, said the Winnipeg police, according to Global News

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He had been walking close to Sargent Avenue and Victor Street in Winnipeg when he got kidnapped and pulled into a van. The Winnipeg man was assaulted and robbed. Afterwards, the kidnappers took him to a house in Spence Street.

They tied him to a chair and threatened to breathe meth at knife point, the police told Global News. But it didn't stop there – he was also burned with cigarettes and forced at gunpoint to give them his banking information. 

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The victim escaped in the morning when the suspects left the house. Fortunately, he survived the incident and was released from the hospital after being treated.

Two Winnipeg men have been charged for this incident: Boniface John Mason, a 20-year-old and Preston Anthony Kakegamic, a 29-year-old. Police were able to find them through video surveillance. The suspects now face numerous charges. 

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Source: Global News