Canadian Woman Who Hid 6 Dead Fetuses In A Storage Locker Has Been Released From Prison

Andrea Giesbrecht was released from prison on Tuesday after her sentence was reduced.
Canadian Woman Who Hid 6 Dead Fetuses In A Storage Locker Has Been Released From Prison
Ontario Editor

A Winnipeg woman who was convicted and sentenced after hiding six dead fetuses in a U-haul storage locker was released from prison yesterday. Andrea Giesbrecht was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison back in July 2017 after police discovered the remains in 2014. However, she was released yesterday after the judge came to the conclusion that eight and a half years was too harsh of a sentence for the crimes that Giesbrecht committed. 

Global News states that Giesbrecht was arrested in October 2014 when six dead fetuses that were wrapped in towels and placed in plastic containers were discovered within the U-Haul storage locker that Giesbrecht had been renting. The discovery was made by U-Haul employees who went to clear the locker after rental payments had not been made on the unit. 

According to CBCall the babies that were found in the storage locker were carried by Giesbrecht and biologically hers. The biological father of the infants was also said to be her husband, Jeremy Giesbrecht. 

However, medical examiners were unable to testify how many of these infants had been stillborn and how many of them had been born alive. When the remains were discovered they were too decomposed to run the tests that were needed to make this discovery. 

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While there were no conclusive tests, forensic biologists told CBC that the fact that all six infants were stillborns is highly "improbable but not impossible," and there was a chance that some of these infants were born alive. 

Despite this, Giesbrecht has been released from the out-of-province prison that she was staying in this Tuesday.

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Her release comes after only serving three years as her sentence was reduced. According to Global NewsJustice Christopher J. Mainella stated that Giesbrecht sentence was reduced from eight and a half years to three because the sentence was too harsh for the crimes that she committed. 

The judge argues that there was no sign that Giesbrecht conducted any violent acts or neglect to any live children. The judge stated that her crime was "a crime of dishonesty- nothing more,". 

Giesbrecht sentence was reduced and she was given credit for the time that she already served, allowing her to walk out into the real world, and rejoin society this past Tuesday. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor