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Canadians In This Province Are Receiving Super High And Inaccurate Hydro Bills

Customers are getting quite a shock opening their hydro bills in one province.
Canadians In This Province Are Receiving Super High And Inaccurate Hydro Bills

No one likes paying for hydro. It’s probably one of the most complained about bills that Canadians have to pay each month.

So, imagine opening your bill and seeing how much you’re paying jump not by a little bit, but by more than double what you usually pay for a single month...

That’s what some people in one province are finding when they open up their Hydro bills. 

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Some Manitoba Hydro customers are seeing their bills increase by hundreds of dollars per month even though they aren’t doing anything different with their electricity use.

One woman’s bill jumped all the way up from $150 a month to $700 a month!

It’s not the people who are to blame for the sudden increase in their hydro bills, but Manitoba Hydro. 

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The company says it seems to be experiencing glitches with its bill estimating system right now and has been for about the past 2 weeks.

The worst part is that the company says that it has no way of telling which customers have been affected by the glitch, so it doesn’t know how often people are being charged to pay more.

The good news for customers is that if they notice a giant jump in their hydro bills that they can’t explain, all they need to do is call the company and see if there was some sort of error in their bill. 

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The company says that customers can contact them by calling 204-480-5900 if they live in Winnipeg. Those outside the city can call their toll-free line at 1-888-624-9376. 

Source: MSN

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