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Justin Trudeau's Winnipeg Donut Shop Threw Some Shade At Tim Hortons

People think he should've gone to Tims because it's cheaper.
Justin Trudeau's Winnipeg Donut Shop Threw Some Shade At Tim Hortons

What's there to do in Winnipeg when you need a sugary pick me up during a day full of meetings? Go buy some sweets for the entire cabinet. But Justin Trudeau's Oh Doughnuts visit also riled up a few folks who think he should've gone to Tim Hortons. Now, the shop is speaking up for Prime Minister's choice.

Trudeau posted a picture on social media of him carrying seven boxes of donuts from the Winnipeg shop on January 20. People were quick to criticize him for not going to Tim Hortons, where they say it would've been cheaper. 

Later that night, the donut shop took to Twitter to defend the Prime Minister and went after the national chain at the same time.

In a series of tweets, Oh Doughnuts said, "our pricing reflects our respect for our employees, the environment and our commitment to quality, local goods. We are a small biz that really appreciated the sale on a cold Jan Mon morn."

The shop also slammed Tims for not being Canadian owned and said the owners take away breaks and benefits from staff. They added that the chain does not have fresh donuts made in-store every day and does not use local ingredients or compostable cups.

The thread cited a local Winnipeg Tims locking out their staff over a 10-cent raise as a reason why people should not complain about Trudeau not going there.

The shop, which has been around since 2014, has more than 100 flavours of donuts that are made in-house. Some are gourmet and cost a little more, but all the tried-and-true favorites are there too.

"They just got regular variety donuts," said Oh Doughnuts owner Amanda Kinden to 680 CJOB. "A regular dozen goes for $35 and they pre-ordered on the website and got a 10% discount."

Kinden also said that nobody knew the order was from Trudeau or that he would be there until he actually walked through the door to pick it up.

"Picked up some of Winnipeg’s best to keep us going through another full day of Cabinet meetings. Thanks for the fuel, Oh Doughnuts," Trudeau said on social media along with the hashtag #shoplocal.

According to Global News, the federal government is going to roll out a five-year ad campaign in the summer with hopes of getting people to buy local, Canadian-made products.

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