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McDonald’s Canada Is Giving Away $5000 Every Week For Monopoly

Eat fries, win a (huge) prize!
McDonald’s Canada Is Giving Away $5000 Every Week For Monopoly

There is no better feeling on this planet than when you finally get to munch on a delicious meal from McDonald's.

Everything they make is so on point, how could you not love it all? From their iconic, bursting-with-flavour Big Macs to their deliciously sweet McFlurries, it's all super tasty.

And now, not only is McDonald's serving up straight flavour - but they're also going to be serving up straight cash, too!

It's all thanks to their super fun, well-loved McDonald's Monopoly Coast To Coast game, coming back to Canada October 11 - November 13.

If you don't know what McDonald's Monopoly Coast To Coast is... well, trust us, you're in for one serious treat. Basically, you order some of your favourite foods at McDonald's (like their world famous fries, or a Big Mac, or even Chicken McNuggets!) and collect the detachable Monopoly pieces that come on the packages.

Then you put all the pieces together, and if you have the right ones, then bam. You just won yourself some pretty amazing prizes.

This game has been going on forever at McDonald's, but this year, the prizes are just a touch different. You could win one $150,000 cash prize, a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV, and a whole lot more! (Including tons of free food!).

Oh, and the newest - and most fun - spin on 2017's McDonald's Monopoly Coast To Coast contest? They'll be giving away a cash prize of $5000 to one lucky Canadian every single week from October 11 - November 13, as long as they redeem any offer through the My McD's app.  

To celebrate the launch of this year's Monopoly, McDonald's Canada has transformed the outside of the restaurant at 1501 St Mary's Rd so that you can pass by and pick up your favourite food items!

This Winnipeg McDonald's has gone all out by transforming its exterior and sidewalk into a huge Monopoly board! Which translates into one seriously fun way to play your favourite board game IRL, both in and out of the restaurant! Make sure to check it out while you can, as it'll be gone after October 18th. 

For more information on how to play McDonald's Monopoly Coast To Coast, and get your shot at winning $150,000, a brand new Volkswagen Atlas SUV, and many more awesome prizes, check out McDonalds' website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page!

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