Canada is starting to become a center for film production and with John Tory hinting at a Netflix production hub in Toronto, we’ve all become excited as we anxiously wait for more information. However, Amazon Studios has seemed to step up its game when it comes to Canadian production and has announced their newest drama will be filmed right here in Canada. Amazon's Tales from the Loop is set to be filmed in Manitoba, Canada and will bring hundreds of skilled jobs with it.

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Tales from the Loop is a drama televisions series that will be based on the work of Simon Stalenhag, a Swedish artist who is known to create works that blend rural life with futuristic science-fiction. It will be a story about children who travel the world to explore abandoned robots and machinery while dinosaurs and other creatures also roam the same roads.

Produced by Nathaniel Halpern, who is the writer behind Legion, this will be a multimillion-dollar Amazon TV series production that will be shot in multiple locations throughout Manitoba. Nicole Matiation, executive director of the industry association On Screen Manitoba states that the reason why Manitoba was chosen for location is due to the province’s tax credit for film and video production.

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This means that video productions can now be permanent and films are able to be shot for years on end without any worry.

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Matiation states that this production will result in hundreds of skilled jobs across the province and that “We know that they’re going to be shooting in multiple locations. They’re in a variety of different spaces in Winnipeg, building sets because it is a very large series and there are a number of sets to build,”.

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There is still no word on who will be staring in the show, but Matiation ensures that it's going to be a big production. 

Manitoba has also been a shooting ground for other television series in the past, such as Burden of Truth and Channel Zero

Source: CBC