Everybody loves a good game of Would You Rather. The choices are usually two equally sh**ty scenarios, and you're pretty much left a loser each time. Occasionally, both choices are awesome—which just makes the decision even harder.

We figured it'd be fun to turn the classic game into a Winnipeg edition. Now, your choices are related to the places and faces around you (don't worry, we kept it relatively good-natured). Next time you're hanging out with your friends, grab a drink and attempt to answer the impossible questions of Would You Rather: Winnipeg Edition. 

Would you rather...Freeze your butt off waiting for Winnipeg Transit after the first snowfall of the year or cool off on a +30 day with a swim in the Red River?

Neither one sounds too great for your health.

Would you rather...Wait in line for brunch at Stella's on a Sunday morning or wait on Kenaston/Bishop Grandin during rush hour?

Let's take it a step further: your phone is dead. Ooh.

Would you rather...Have all of the slides at Fun Mountain to yourself after-hours, or spend the night running around Polo Park mall with nothing locked up?


Would you rather...See the Blue Bombers in a final or the Winnipeg Jets?

Either one would be like witnessing a miracle.

Would you rather...Bring back The O.C. Nightclub or be young enough again to get a thrill at Tinkertown?

The glory days!

Would you rather...Lick every handrail at the Jets game or use eye drops made of Lake Winnipeg water? 

Sorry, germaphobes.

Would you rather...Compete in a dance-off with Dancing Gabe or spend a Blue Bombers practice as Jamaal Westerman's tackle dummy?

Either way you're pretty much a loser.

Would you rather...Eat only Jets dogs for the rest of your life or spend a year downing an Appleton's rum drink from the Rum Hut once every hour?

Jet's game full or Bomber game drunk? Your choice.

Would you rather...Perform 30 minutes of stand-up comedy at Rumor's Comedy Club or finish the full Manitoba Marathon in UGG boots?

Blisters or boos...hmm.

Would you rather...Have every weekend be Nuit Blanche or every week be Le Burger Week?

The two best weeks of the year.

Would you rather...Fall into the polar bear enclosure at Assiniboine Park Zoo or fall into the Narcisse Snake Pits?

How fast can you run?

Would you rather...Own a house on Wellington Crescent or a cabin at Lake of the Woods?

You can dream, can't you?

Would you rather...Survive a night in room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel or the St. Norbert Monastery?

You'll probably never say that you 'don't believe in ghosts' ever again.

Would you rather...Receive a bouquet of flowers from Oak & Lily or a dozen doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts?

Both say 'I really, really, really love you'.

Would you rather...Go camping at Birds Hill Park for a week with no bug spray or spend a week at Dauphin's Countryfest sober?

Just no.

Would you rather...Be the inventor of honey dill sauce or have your parents own a Gondola Pizza?

Two of the greatest modern inventions.

Would you rather...Have a wild night in Vegas with Evander Kane or bring Jonathon Toews as your wingman to 441 Main?

It's probably gonna end up in the news either way.

Would you rather...Skate naked to the end of the Red River Mutual Trail or get unexpectedly caught making out with Mick E. Moose on the kiss cam?