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Winnipeg's Massive River Skating Trail Is The Longest In The World

Put this on your Canadian winter bucket list!
Winnipeg's Massive River Skating Trail Is The Longest In The World

Us Canadians are known around the world for hockey, but even those non-athletes among us love to ice skate. There's a magical river skating trail in Winnipeg that all Canadians should have on their bucket list. Each winter, Winnipeg's Red River Mutual river skating trail at The Forks fills up with skaters who take advantage of the frozen river. 

Canada has no shortage of incredible skating trails and it's not just limited to the Rideau Canal. What makes this river trail in Winnipeg so special is that it's an annual tradition right and it's right in the city.

Plus, this place holds the Guinness Record for the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world. It's the ultimate Candian skating trail.

Manitoba is actually busting world records all over the place. They also have the largest snow maze in the world and they're also the polar bear capital of the world. You can even (safely) get up close with polar bears if you dare.

If you're curious to skate along the longest skating trail in the world, then you have to head to Winnipeg and try it out. There's way more to do then just skate.

You can play hockey, curling or just walk along the river and check out special events that happen throughout the winter. There is even a pop-up restaurant and food vendors along the trail.

Whether you hit the trail with friends or with your s/o, you'll be sharing a magical Canadian winter experience. If you go solo, you're bound to bump into new friends — either literally or figuratively — out on the ice trail.

Skating along the frozen Red River and Assiniboine River gives you a unique view of the city. This is an annual tradition in Winnipeg and locals love to lace up and hit the ice.

If you're looking for a uniquely Canadian skating trail, then this is it. You'll never want to skate around in circles at an indoor rink ever again.

The skating trail is weather dependant and the opening date will depend on when the river freezes over. In past years, it's been open from January to March. Check out their website for updates and more details.

Red River Mutual Trail

Price: $6 for a skate rental

When: TBD

Address: River Walk, Winnipeg, MB

Why You Need To Go: Glide along the most fun skating trail in Manitoba. 

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