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This Sinkhole In Winnipeg Is So Bad That People Are Literally Fishing In It

They're making the most of a bad situation.

Changing weather usually means one thing, roads are a nightmare. The biggest problem of all is sinkholes. One sinkhole, in particular, is so big that it looks like a mini-pond. That's likely why this sinkhole in Winnipeg is going viral after local men decided to go fishing in it. 

The sinkhole in question is located at Ness Avenue and Parkdale Street in Winnipeg's St. James community. It's unclear how long it's been there or what caused the sinkhole, but some local residents decided to take advantage of the new large, pond in their street. 

In a series of photos shared on Facebook, three local men went down to the sinkhole for some relaxing fishing. The men in the photos are Shawn Pageot, who shared the pictures online and Joe Macdougall who's idea it was to go fishing. The third man who's not pictured was George Hewitt, who was behind the camera. 

Pageot told CTV that late last evening, Macdougall joked  "Hey, a big fishing hole just opened on Ness, you got any fishing rods?" The photo-op was born from there. The pictures show the two men apparently fishing from a giant sinkhole that's full of water. While they likely didn't catch any fish they've caught a lot of attention online. 

The photo was reportedly originally posted in a Facebook group called "The St. James Community of Winnipeg." The photo has been liked and shared numerous times, including by a local radio station, QX104. 

Their post alone has over 200 shares, almost 80 comments, and almost 500 reactions. 

Despite the attention this little fishing trip has garnered, it's typically a good idea to stay away from sinkholes. There have been countless stories of sinkholes in Canada swallowing up entire vehicles and in some cases from around the world entire buildings.