Hands up if your date nights look like this: you always head out for dinner at the same restaurant, order the same thing, maybe stop by the same bar afterward and fall asleep watching – you guessed it – the same show on Netflix.

There's nothing wrong with turning to old favourites, but maybe it's time to mix it up. It's a whole new year after all, so why not try something new? There are tons of things you and your SO can check out in Winnipeg, so you might as well take advantage of all the amazing events and places our city has to offer.

The best part? We did all the work for you. If you're searching for fun, food or even free adventures, you'll find what you're looking for right here in YWG. So here ya go, Winnipeg. Here are our 21 best ideas for super fun things to do this year with your partner.

  1. Hop in the car for a quick road trip and picnic at the beautiful Steep Rock limestone cliffs
  2. Make it your mission to check off every single place on this Winnipeg restaurant bucket list
  3. Plan out the ultimate event-filled staycation
  4. Take a break from grabbing drinks and get buzzed off each other with an alcohol-free date
  5. Get your game faces on at Winnipeg's brand new sports bar
  6. Let your wild side shine with one of the rebellious "illegal" date ideas
  7. Save some cash and plan a free (or super affordable) date night
  8. Satisfy your sweet tooth and all your chocolate cravings with some seriously sugary treats
  9. Forget your Keurig and spend the morning relaxing at a coffeeshop
  10. Pamper yourselves with something fancy
  11. Celebrate your Canadian-ness and try out all these insanely good caesars
  12. Hit up all of Winnipeg's best brunch spots
  13. Book off work, camp out and just have a freakin awesome time at Folk Fest
  14. Order all the chicken on the menu at Canada's very first Jollibee
  15. Hunt down vintage finds at the best local thrift shops
  16. Skip getting delivery and head out for a gourmet pizza dinner date
  17. Pick up a free Parks Canada Discovery Pass and explore Manitoba's national parks
  18. Plan a date night that's all about her
  19. Explore the city until you find a new favourite bar
  20. Set a goal to try every single one of these ridiculously good burgers
  21. Take in some of the absolutely stunning views Manitoba has to offer