The Ultimate Manitoba Bucket List Before It Gets Cold As Fvck Out

It's dropped to below freezing already ... ❄️

So far it's been nice out but the nights have already dropped to zero. It's coming, the cold is definitely coming. I've heard we are supposed to get an early winter this year but it's not like I'm a meteorologist.

Winter is on its way, though regardless, I do know that until it is here, let's make the most of it! We have a couple months left depending on how the weather goes

There is still time! So don't end up regretting not doing things once it's freezing out and your car won't start, never mind the winter bus problems. I don't hate winter at all, but snow does make things more difficult.

So let the annual cold countdown begin. Here is The Ultimate Manitoba Bucket List Before It Gets Cold As Fvck Out.

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Go check out the waterfalls before they become frozen. Although the frozen waterfalls also look super cool.

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Go out and take photos before your fingers start to freeze. Your Insta feed is only getting older.

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Warm up on those cool fall night with a bonfire. Winter bonfires are nice too, but still.

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Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful fall colours while they are here. Check out some especially cool spots.

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Dare enter one of the allegedly haunted spots in Manitoba. Obviously, October is the best time to go.

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Visit one of the free haunted houses. It's always better when it's not snowing.

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Have some ice cream before the air is actually colder than the ice cream is self. Some of the seasonal spots are still open!

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Have the last of your food truck cravings before they all close down for the season.


Go camping before the snow falls. You can still go camping in the winter but that takes it to a whole new level.

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Enjoy the views of the water at one of these Waterfront Restaurants one last time before it freezes for the year. 

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Visit the Assiniboine Zoo before lots of the animals go into hiding and we can still walk around.

Visit some of the scary haunted houses and forests. Remember having to cover up your Halloween costume with your snow suite?

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Enjoy the last of the leaves before they get covered in snow at one of Manitoba's beautiful resorts.

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Take the Ultimate Road Trip in Manitoba if you haven't yet before the roads get slippery and dangerous.

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Visit your friends, family, or favourite places (Banff❤️) outside of Manitoba before the highways get full of snow and ice.

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Besides the fact that Churchill is like the coldest place in Manitoba, a lot of the cool tours are only available until November.

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Go luxury camping if tenting it in the cool weather isn't your thing. The best part is it's cheaper now.