Do you love watching horror movies with your friends? If so, you need to try this super creepy escape room in Winnipeg. The hyper-realistic Mavis House might be the most terrifying escape room in Winnipeg, and it'll make you scream!

Are you brave enough to try The Mavis House at The Real Escape? In this escape room, you'll find yourself locked in an eerie crime scene where two people were brutally murdered and are believed to haunt the home.

You'll feel your pulse racing as you go against the clock to unravel the dark secrets of the murders and escape — before you become the next victim. The immersive setting will quickly have you feeling like you're really, actually trying to escape with your life.

One user on TripAdvisor said her friend was "pretty much usless [sic] in the Mavis House because she was too scared to help solve the puzzles." Another person on TripAdvisor admitted that they were "definitely the one who screamed the most" when trying The Mavis House.

Be warned, The Mavis House offers some complicated puzzles, so this room isn't suited for those who haven't done an escape room before. Those of you who enjoy a challenge, a well-designed atmosphere, and horror-themed rooms are sure to love The Mavis House.

On World Of Escapes, one reviewer said The Mavis House was "easily the defacto scariest experience I've ever had." Another reviewer said The Mavis House is perfect "if you need something to scare the crap out of you... palms of hands and feet are still sweating".

Are you brave enough to try The Mavis House? It costs $22 a person, for a team of four to seven people.

The Mavis House At The Real Escape

Price: $22 a person

Address: 3137 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why you need to go: This super scary escape room will make you scream!