Well everyone, summer is finally here! And that means hot sun, patio drinks and incredibly fun summer adventures are coming along with it. 

Let's face it, summer goes away far too quickly here: So we're all basically searching for ways to make summertime last forever. Beach trips, backyard tanning, patio day drinking... everything about summer in Winnipeg is super fun, but if you're looking for a way to get out there with your friends and really enjoy yourself, there is nothing better than a trip to a lazy river

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And one Manitoba retreat an hour away from Winnipeg is basically the very definition of "fun lazy river adventure."

Situated in the beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park, Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre is located right near the Pinawa Channel. An hour away from Manitoba's capital, every summer, Wilderness Edge specializes in group and corporate retreats and birthday weekends. This year, the company is back for the summer and is offering some seriously awesome summertime experiences! 

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For example, the retreat offers slow raft rentals and tubing excursions from $8.85 a person, with trips beginning upstream from the Pinawa Diversion Dam and continuing past beautiful boreal forests, rugged granite walls and sunbathing turtles. Oh, and PS, they're also offering expanded tubing and rafting experiences compared to last year - like day adventures (which includes 1/2 day tubing and1/2 day body surfing and touring the Old Dam site).

And trust, you're going to want to go ahead and rent one of their commercial tubes. The difference is that theirs are commercial, so they're made of sturdier material than what you might find elsewhere... plus, when you rent a tube, your transportation is included! Meaning you'll get to avoid a 6 kilometre trek back to your car with this option (and that's called a win). 

But that's not all they do! Wilderness Edge also has tons of other awesome activities like dual sand volleyball, hiking trails, dual tetherball courts, a local beach and dual horseshoe pits - all for free to overnight guests! Plus, they've got canoe rentals as well, from $8.85 per person. 

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Guests can power-pack these experiences by booking a full weekend (or a weekday or two!) with Wilderness Edge thanks to their super user-friendly website. Through the website, you can even custom create your own package by booking tubes, rafts, canoes and more - so however awesome your plans are, Wilderness Edge totally has you covered! 

And after a full day of adventure? Overnight guests can also enjoy a dip in the 13-person hot tub, and fully use the retreat's firepits and games area (which includes pool and ping pong tables). 

The whole experience is essentially like deluxe camping: You get campfires, hot tubs, sand volleyball, and beaches, but you don't have to wake up from an uncomfortable night's sleep on the ground and wonder what bush is best to pee in. Instead, Wilderness Edge offers more than 100 hotel rooms and all-you-can-eat food services - and that's much better than sleeping bags for beds and beans for breakfast!

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Interested in booking one of these incredible summer experiences with your crew this summer? Luckily, there's now a slick mobile online booking system so you can book rentals up to 30 days in advance. And if you book a hotel room, you can get your tube, raft and canoe rentals at a 50% discount!

So dive in and enjoy your summer!

Visit Wilderness Edge's website, Facebook and Instagram page for more information on these summer deals!