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This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Road Trip Through Manitoba Anyone's Ever Been On

Hidden caves, waterfalls, cliff jumping... yasssss!
This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Road Trip Through Manitoba Anyone's Ever Been On

Pack your bags because this is the ultimate summer road trip! The map takes a total of about 20 hours to complete without including your drive home, so prepare to stay overnight. Don't forget your bathing suit or hiking shoes either because you'll need em'! So grab your camper, tent, trailer, van, spacious jeep or even tiny home if your trendy like that.

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Depending on where you live you can start at the northern or southern end of the map. If you live on the Southern end of Manitoba you can start off heading East towards the Whiteshell Provincial Park. If you live further north of Manitoba you can start off at the waterfalls in Pisew Falls Provincial Park. So get ready because This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Road Trip Through Manitoba Anyone's Ever Been On.

Well what are you waiting for?! Tag your friends and #ExploreMB!

You can follow the map here.

Caddy Lake Tunnels

At Caddy Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, are some amazing rock tunnels that you can explore through the water so bring your kayak!

Pinawa Suspension Bridge

Also in the Whiteshell Provincial Park is the small town of Pinawa. They have a beautiful swinging bridge that goes across the river. Don't forget the camera!

Tulabi Falls

In Nopiming Provincial Park are some wicked big rocks that you can jump off of in to the lake! Cross cliff jumping off the bucket list!

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Pine Dock Hidden Caves

Located south of the small town of Pine Dock are tall hidden limestone caves. It's like a scene right out of Alice In Wonderland!

Steep Rock

Manitoba's one and only palm tree beach! If you're taking the whole trip up north from Winnipeg or southern Manitoba you need to stop here and get your beautiful beach on.

Little Limestone Lake

Manitoba has world largest and most dramatically colour-changing marl lake! The Limestone gives the lake that amazing colour that you need to see.

Clearwater Lake Caves

In Clearwater Lake Provincial Park are some enchanting hidden caves. Adventure through the crevices and moss that are all yours to explore.

Wekusko Falls

In the Wekusko Falls Provincial Park are the actual Wekusko Falls. They have an amazing bridge built right over the falls so you can get those perfect views!

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Kwasitchewan Falls

In the Pisew Falls Provincial Parkare the Kwasitchewan Falls, the biggest waterfall in Manitoba. It's a long hike to make it to number one!

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Pisew Falls

Also in the Pisew Falls Provincial Parkare the Pisew Falls. They are the second biggest waterfall in Manitoba and are not to be missed!

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