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Think about it. Le Burger Week was last September. If that's the last time you had a burger, you just missed out on four whole months of some of the best comfort food this city has to offer. And even though some of your favourites only popped up for a few days (looking at you, Chosabi Angry Tuna Sushi Burger), Winnipeg has plenty of a-freakin-mazing burgers to offer year-round.

Some of the best burger spots in the Peg are drive-ins. Some are bars, others are cozy bistros and others are nationwide chains that just might surprise you. Whether you hit up a restaurant that's all about burgers or someplace where an amazing one is hidden on the menu, you'll find some great patties right here in Manitoba.

Here's our list of the best burgers in Winnipeg for all you meat lovers out there. And don't worry vegetarians and vegans. We got you covered too.

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1. The entire menu at Nuburger

Let's get this one out of the way early. No Winnipeg burger list could ever be complete without Nuburger, where pretty much every menu item is guaranteed to be one of the best things you've ever tasted. Personal favourite is the spicy Shang-Awesome on multigrain, but you should probably just try everything.

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2. The Triple Cheese Bacon Burger at Skinners

Skinners might be the home of the world-famous hot dog and this wickedly cool arcade, but it's a Manitoba staple. You know you have to try something with triple cheese AND bacon in the title at least once. If you can't make it out to Lockport (even though you should seriously try), you can always grab a burger at The Forks.

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3. Mrs. Mike's Chili Burger

Ask your grandparents. They probably have a story about stopping at Mrs. Mike's for burgers. These ones (and pretty much anything on the menu) are as messy as it gets. Grab extra napkins. You'll need them, and it's so worth it.

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4. The Lot-O-Burger at the Red Top

It has a lot-o-everything, and the Red Top Drive Inn is just a few blocks away from Mrs. Mike's (so all you St. B people are set for lunch and dinner). If you want to mix it up a little, the chicken burger also gets an A+.

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5. The Whistle Pig's Whistle Burger

If you're not from Transcona, you might not have heard of this place, but you're missing out. They're known for their fries and chicken fingers, but you gotta try their burgers too. The only thing is you'll have to wait to sample this one – they're seasonal and won't open again until spring.

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6. The Great Canadian at The Pint

Yes, I know this isn't unique to Winnipeg, BUT that shouldn't stop you from grabbing one after (or during) a Jets game. Who can pass up maple BBQ sauce? And if you're a vegetarian, you should seriously try the Garden Patch burger. Plus you can add guac and get their mac and cheese on the side.

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7. The Fatboy at George's

This is a Winnipeg staple. And get the platter. Seriously. Not only do you get a fantastic burger, but it'll come with the fries you know you'll end up ordering anyway. And then add another side of fries. And maybe another.

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8. VJ's Special Burger

Confession time. I've never been to VJ's. I have, however, heard amazing things, and you can't miss it when you're walking down Main Street. Stop by after work or before a night out and (of course) get what I've heard are their super tasty fries.

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9. Literally everything at Boon Burger

Vegan or not, these are some of the yummiest burgers you'll ever have. They have four base patties (seriously, try them all) they turn into amazing gourmet burgers. Top picks from all categories: the Buddha (standard), Patio Party (dressed up) and Cowgirl (over the top).

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10. All the burgers at Stella's

Stella's is so much more than a brunch place, but you might not think to go there for burgers. Think again. It's hard to pick just one, but the Garden Burger rivals some of Boon Burger's best creations. If you can't imagine going to Stella's without ordering breakfast, try the B&E Burger (yum, bacon and eggs!) and get a latte and hash browns.

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11. Just a regular hamburger at Daly Burgers

Dude. You can't go wrong with just ordering a plain old original hamburger here. I can't even put into words how good these taste. You just have to try them for yourself.

12. A double cheeseburger from The Burger Place

This is another place I'm embarrassed to say I've never checked out, but a lot of strangers on the internet say it's delicious, so I'm taking their word for it. They keep their burgers simple and classic and add a ton of chilli, so we should all probably give them a try.

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13. Dairi-Wip's Chili Burger in a Bowl

It's far from Winnipeg's only burger in a bowl, but this place is as iconic as its food is messy. Definitely another must-have spot for anyone (and I mean everyone) who loves fries as much as burgers.

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14. The White Star Burger at White Star Diner

Anyone who works in The Exchange swears by this place. The super cute shop also has some of the best milkshakes in town. They're moving to a new location on Kennedy Street soon, so check them out before the Albert Street location closes!

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15. Blondies' 9-Pound Burger

Nine pounds. It's all the burger goodness any hamburger-happy Winnipegger could want. Don't worry if it takes you a while to eat – the walls are covered in things to look at and read while you chow down.

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16. The Fatboy at Junior's

If you went to Glenlawn, you know just how good these are. There's also a location close enough to the U of W to fuel your next dinnertime study sesh. Just make sure your textbooks are safely tucked away in your backpack. These Fatboys can get messy.

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17. Dairy Delight's Fatboy

Go for the ice cream, stay for the towering double fatboy. They don't reopen until February, so just enjoy this mouthwatering photo as you dream about summer in the meantime.

18. Salisbury House Nips

No Winnipeg burger list could be complete without Nips. There are way too many kinds too choose from, including chic'n, veggie and salmon Nips, but we know you just stick with the classics. Whatever you order, don't forget the 99-cent chocolate donuts for dessert!

Did we forget any? Let us know where to find your favourite Winnipeg burger.

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