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Canada's Most Epic Polar Bear Exhibit Is Now Streaming Live & You Can Watch From Home

And what's more Canadian than that?
Watch Polar Bears Live At This Canadian Zoo Next Month From Your Sofa

Self-isolation is no excuse to miss out on all your furry friends. Even though Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo is closed, they're still bringing you your favourite animals. You can watch polar bears live along with other adorable animals every week. 

Although their doors are closed to visitors, this zoo is far from shutting down and hibernating. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 p.m., they're running educational live streams of certain animals in their exhibits.

Simply tune into their Facebook at that time to watch. Follow zookeepers and staff as they get up close to some animals and strap in for a class you won't soon forget.

Their zoo is famous for their polar bear exhibit so we were overjoyed to hear the bears are going live on Friday, April 3.

Each session runs for about 15 minutes, and each day they rotate to another creature to feature.

"With Amur tigers or polar bears, for obvious reasons, our staff won't be in the enclosure with the animals," wrote the zoo to Narcity, "but we will do our very best to make sure viewers are still able to see them."

So far, they've only featured their meerkats, but they've got a whole list planned, including Amur tigers, harbour seals, tropical birds, and, of course, polar bears.

You can check out the whole schedule on their website.

For the polar bear stream, staff will be diving into the conservation efforts and current research into polar bears.

Their polar bear habitat is completely mind-blowing. Called the Journey to Churchill Exhibit, visitors are able to step right up to the bears with nothing but the glass in between.

The nine bears are completely spoiled in their giant habitat, which includes a massive pool they could swim around in. Now that the doors are closed, you'll be able to check them out without having to make the journey.

Zoos are shutting down all over Canada because of COVID-19, so a bunch are taking their exhibits online through live streams instead.

You can check out the panda exhibit without even putting on pants thanks to the Calgary Zoo, for example.*

After all, why should the Winnipeggers get all the fun? Now, people from all over Canada can catch these bears in action. What a great way to keep entertained in self-isolation.

*This article has been updated.

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