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A Winnipeg Teen Got Stuck In A Garbage Bin While Hiding From The Police

She was a suspect in a serious carjacking incident.
Winnipeg Carjacking Suspect Got Stuck In A Garbage Bin Hiding From Police

An escape gone wrong. A Winnipeg carjacking had an unusual end to it when the teenage suspect got stuck in a garbage bin while she was hiding from the police. She was taken into custody but the victim had to be sent to the hospital.

On April 20, officers with the Winnipeg Police Service found a 68-year-old man who had been run over by his own car after a carjacking.

The victim was getting into his car when two suspects confronted him, struck him with an object and pulled him out of the car.

After that, they left the scene in the car and drove over the victim.

According to the Winnipeg Police Service, he was transported to the hospital in an unstable condition.

Less than an hour later, a female was driving the stolen car when patrol units tried to stop her but she fled at a high rate of speed.

In the afternoon, police received a call from a resident after hearing someone call for help from within a garbage bin.

Officers responded and identified the person as the female suspect in the carjacking and found the car keys with her.

It's believed she got stuck in the residential bin while trying to hide after ditching the stolen car.

This 16-year-old has been charged with robbery, aggravated assault, dangerous operation of a conveyance, flight while pursued by peace officer and operation of a conveyance while prohibited by order under criminal code.

Winnipeg Police Service hasn't released any further information about the second suspect or the condition of the victim.

The stolen vehicle was found abandoned in the Riverbend neighbourhood.

That's the same community the female suspect was found in, stuck inside the garbage bin.

Another carjacking happened in the city around the same time this one did.

A suspect drove off in a stolen car with an 88-year-old man still inside.

Though he was able to escape with only minor injuries.

When it comes to crime during this pandemic, it might still be too early to tell exactly how it's affecting crime rates.

According to the CBC, some police forces in Canada are reporting increases in commercial break-and-enters and stunt driving.

In Toronto, police have seen a 550% surge in stunt driving charges this April as compared to last year.