Winnipeg Is Getting Its Very First Night Market

Time to pull that all nighter!

So what is a night market? If you don't know, since Winnipeg has never had one, they are like big street markets. They have more of that festival vibe than a mall feel, so it's a great place to browse or try something new.

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What you can expect to find are small local businesses. They usually have retailers, merchandise vendors, artisan vendors, food vendors, food trucks, musicians, DJ's, buskers, entertainers, and basically anyone who can do or sell something in a tent.

The night market idea came from Asia where they are super popular. The market's are HUGE there and some of them operate day and night, while others actually disappear during the day and can only be found at night.

Other cities in Canada have had Night Markets for years already. Vancouver has the biggest in North America and a bunch more all over. Toronto also has a few throughout the year while other cities like Edmonton have also recently started them.

The first Night Market will take place on Friday May 19th, at The Red River Exhibition Park, and start at 5:00 P.M.

Check out the Facebook Event here.


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