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A Messy Winter Storm Is About To Hit Eastern Canada With Up To 35 cm Of Snow

It's going to be ugly from Ontario to Nova Scotia.
A Messy Winter Storm Is About To Hit Eastern Canada With Up To 35 cm Of Snow

Winter isn't quite done with us yet. The next few days will bring a winter storm to Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. It's also going to be a pretty messy one, with plenty of snow and freezing rain coming down.

Southern Ontario will have to deal with everything first. Environment Canada has issued a number of special weather statements for different cities, including Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. 

The storm is expected to drop anywhere between 10 to 20 centimetres of snow. It's predicted to begin Wednesday afternoon and continue into the evening before tapering off.

As the system gains momentum and strength, it will move further east to southwestern Quebec.

The city of Montreal is being advised that it could see 15 to 25 centimetres of accumulation from Wednesday evening into Thursday.

Some of that precipitation may start out as freezing rain, as well, making everything just a little bit wetter and messier before it transitions into snow.

Other areas have been issued winter storm watches from Environment Canada, including Quebec City and Beauce. These regions could face snowfall amounts reaching up to 35 centimetres.

As the system moves further east, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will be hit with heavy amounts of precipitation, along with strong gusts of wind.

Snowfall amounts will be in the five to 15 centimetre range for Nova Scotia and 10 to 25 centimetres in New Brunswick. Both provinces could also see the weather change to ice pellets and rain.

Prince Edward Island will also experience all of this late on Thursday and into the night.

Environment Canada has warned that commutes could be heavily affected by the inclement weather due to low visibility.

Even with earlier predictions of a milder, 100 day winter, it seems that the season isn't going away without a fight.