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Winter Storms Riley And Quinn To Sweep Across Canada This Week

Significant snowfall is expected for much of the Prairies and Atlantic Canada.
Winter Storms Riley And Quinn To Sweep Across Canada This Week

Winter will be in full effect this week for various parts of Canada, particularly Atlantic Canada and the Prairies. 

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According to The Weather Channel, two major winter storms are set to bring a blast of cold and snowy conditions to both regions — Winter Storm Riley and Winter Storm Quinn. The former is expected to impact the Maritimes this Monday and Tuesday, bringing strong northeasterly winds that will create large wave patterns especially in Nova Scotia. Precipitation is not likely to be too heavy, with light snow or snow showers expected to deliver less than 10 cm of snow throughout.

Via The Weather Channel

The story is opposite in the Prairies, where Winter Storm Quinn is expected to continue bringing heavy snow to parts of southeastern BC, as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan. The system, which is coming from the northern Rockies in the U.S., will intensify throughout Monday and Tuesday, with areas like south-central Saskatchewan expected to see up to 50 cm of snow if current models hold. Southwestern Ontario will likely be spared from the effects of Winter Storm Quinn.

Temperatures in other parts of central and east Canada will likely be above average over the next few days, while parts of BC and southwestern Saskatchewan will have below average temperatures.

Read The Weather Channel's full report and overview here.

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