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Magical Harry Potter Themed Pop-Up Bars Have Been Cancelled Across Canada

It was supposed to open this fall!
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Wizard Cauldron Pop-Up Bar Events Have Been Cancelled In Canada

Earlier this year, Canadian Harry Potter fans were thrilled to find out about a new magical pop-up bar that was headed for Vancouver and Toronto in fall 2019. Sadly, however, event officials have now confirmed that the Harry Potter-themed event has been cancelled in both Vancouver and Toronto, and the Canadian leg of the magical tour has been postponed. 

The tour, which was based around creating spell-binding beverages in a Harry Potter-themed setting, was initially scheduled for the first week of November and was organized to be held in Vancouver and Toronto.

Sadly, event organizers have since confirmed to Narcity that The Wizards Cauldron tour will no longer be stopping in Canada, and the event has been cancelled for fall 2019.

Fans of Harry Potter and the wizarding world would have been extremely excited to learn about the event, which promised magical fun and incredible beverages. The event was also scheduled for the week after Halloween, meaning that it would have been the perfect way to send off the spooky season!

The Wizard’s Cauldron featured “a boozy Hogwarts potion class," which promised to combine magic and mixology, and a whole evening of fun! The 90-minute, adults-only experience offered wannabe-wizards the opportunity to “wear your robes and flourish your wand while you brew potions and cast spells!”  

Sadly, there was not enough magic to save the Canadian leg of this fall event, which organizers have promised will be rescheduled to a later date.

In an email response to Narcity, event organizers confirmed that the Canadian leg of the Wizard’s Cauldron tour had been cancelled for fall 2019. However, there was a suggestion that the event could return to Vancouver as early as January or February 2020.

If you were looking forward to a night of magical potions and witchcraft and wizardry, don’t worry! You can sign up to The Wizard’s Cauldron’s mailing list, and be the first to hear about the updated event in 2020!

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