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Canadian Woman Reportedly Fell Asleep On An Air Canada Flight Only To Wake Up Alone In A Dark, Empty Plane

Woman claims she was forced to open the plane door and signal for help!

While many of us have probably dozed off and missed an important transit stop at least once during our travels, one woman is claiming that the same thing happened to her, but on an airplane. While it may seem impossible to miss your stop on a flight, one woman reportedly fell asleep on an Air Canada flight and says that she woke up hours after her flight landed, all alone in a dark and cold plane. Air Canada states they are looking into the issue of the woman being left on their aircraft. 

In a post on the Air Canada Facebook page, Deanna-Nole Dale shared a message from her friend Tiffani Adams. In the post, Adams states that she was on a flight home to Pearson Airport after a wonderful trip in Quebec when she ended up falling asleep halfway through the flight. Adams states that her flight was short, only 1.5 hours long, and when she awoke from her slumbers, the plane had already landed hours ago. 

Adam claims that she woke up around midnight, still strapped to her seat in a pitch black and freezing cold airplane, all alone. She reports that once she awoke, she was unable to call for help as her phone was dead, and wandered around the empty plane until she managed to find a flashlight in the cockpit. 

Adams story continues by claiming she was able to open the door of the plane, however, she says it was a 40-foot drop down. With the flashlight, she found she says she eventually flagged down a luggage cart that was driving by. Adams states that once she was discovered an Air Canada car drove her to Pearson where she was met by an Air Canada representative who asked if she would like a limo and a hotel for the night. 

Adams also claimed that after she made it home, Air Canada was in contact with her the following days to apologize for the inconvenience and that they looking into the issue. 

However, despite Adams claiming that Air Canada knew about the situation when the post was put on Air Canada's facebook group, Air Canada was quick to comment stating that they were surprised to hear about the incident and would take a look into the issue. 

Since Adam has made these claims, Air Canada has stated that they would look into the issue, but have not confirmed whether or not this incident actually occurred. 

Among those who have read the Facebook post, many people also seem skeptical, some users even commenting about how they don't believe the story happened. While others were not supportive, stating that she should get over the issue. 

Narcity has reached out to Air Canada for comment on and we will update this story when we receive a response.