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Here's Why Women Are More Likely To Ghost Than Men

Who would've thought!
Here's Why Women Are More Likely To Ghost Than Men

I'd say that in 2018, it would be rare to find someone who hasn't either been ghosted, or has ghosted someone else. We use the term so casually, "We went on one date and he ghosted me", "She was moving too quickly, so I had to ghost her", etc.

Anyone who's been on the receiving end of the ghosting spectrum knows it's often not too pleasant, although in some cases, it actually comes as a major sigh of relief. Although ghosting often seems like the easiest way out, I'm of the opinion that honesty is the best policy when it comes to ending a relationship.

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When it comes to ghosting though, have you ever wondered which demographics are more likely to do you dirty? A new study from CreditLoan shows that surprisingly, women are more than 150% more likely to ghost than men are. I was initially shocked when reading this, but then remembered all the guys I've ghosted back before I knew any better.

A lot of people associate the behaviour of ghosting with millennials, but it turns out we're not the only ones doing the dirty work. The study shows that millennials, gen X, and baby boomers all ghost at about the same frequency, so even your grandma might be ghosting her new boyfriend!

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Of course now that we know that ghosting is primarily done by women, we have to wonder why. Could it be because women are "cowards", as some might (wrongly) think? Or is it because women have been told by society for centuries to keep quiet and do everything we can to please people?

My bet is on the latter. Relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein says,

So there you have it! Women may be more prone to ghosting, but it's not necessarily our fault, we simply do it because we've been taught for years to avoid confrontation, and avoiding the situation (or relationship) at hand usually seems like the best way to do it.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been ghosted, or ghosted someone else? Do you think that there's ever an acceptable reason for ghosting?


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