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Wonderland Kingston Alice-In-Wonderland Cafe In Ontario Is Your New Favourite Spot

Do you ever get the feeling that we're all mad here? Well, you'll certainly feel that way at Ontario's new Alice-in-Wonderland-themed cafe and escape rooms. With colour-changing drinks, unique escape rooms, out-of-this-world decor, nearly 500 boardgames, and more, you're going to really fall down a rabbit hole at Wonderland Kingston.

Simply named Wonderland, the cafe is owned and run by a team of young women, who have truly poured their hearts and souls into getting everything just right.

You'll find subtle but undeniable nods to Alice throughout the space, owner Melissa Susan Eapen tells Narcity.

"Everything is in the details of this space," Eapen says. "We have flamingos over the bar as a nod to croquet in Alice's world, a hallway as a nod to falling down the rabbit hole, an entire room dedicated to the smoking caterpillar.

"Our food is also experiential. We have colour-changing drinks, hot chocolates that have an image of the white rabbit."

So, if you're looking for a unique date night idea or a nostalgic spot to grab a coffee, then Wonderland is totally worth the drive.

You will feel like you've walked into a real-life fairytale when you visit Wonderland, and that's kind of the point.

"We wanted to create a world that was completely immersive," Eapen says. "We did a lot of market research and decided to create a company based on fairytales.

"We wanted it to be really nostalgic. Kind of like Riverdale - where it's nostalgic for people that liked Archie Comics, but also great for those with fresh eyes.

"Alice in Wonderland lends itself to a lot of weird and quirky things, that challenged our design skills. Although the cafe/lounge is inspired by Alice, our escape rooms are all based on fairytales."

With menu items like Neverland Nachos and Hansel & Gretel Charcuterie boards, you may never want to escape this magical cafe.

But breaking free from the truly enchanted escape rooms promises to be an incredible time, according to Eapen.

"Our escape rooms are fully immersive. They're not drywall rooms that are full of random puzzles. Everything is created to fit the theme - and it's completely a floor-to-ceiling build."

Wonderland Kingston

Price: Prices vary

When: Open daily

Address: 500 Gardiners Rd. Unit 12A, Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can immerse yourself in a magical world with colour-changing drinks, enchanted decor, and high-quality escape rooms. 

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