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This Massive Bee Farm In Jacksonville Has The Most Unique Locally-Produced Bee Products

Honey is one of those substances that has many uses; from home remedies, to face masks, to food recipes and more. World Honey Market (WHM) is the largest commercial beekeeping operation in Northeast Florida offering the best honey-infused products.

With 4,000 hives WHM provides pollination services to agricultural giants like Blue Diamond almonds in California each spring, Ocean Spray Cranberries in the summer in Wisconsin, and locally to their neighboring farms like Trader Hill Farms.

WHM not only produces raw unfiltered local honey but also all-natural bee-related products such as lipstick, body butter, lotions, soaps, mascara, and Beeswax candles. 

WHM also works with interns to educate them on the proper practices of beekeeping. Recently, John Peterson, founder of WHM partnered with a student from Costa Rica who has completed their training program and he will be employing an intern from Hungary in September, as well as a beekeeper from Rwanda later this year.

"World Honey Market is dedicated to helping feed the planet through our pollination services. Save the bees through conservation, preservation, and education. And make life sweeter, with the world’s best honey!" says Emilee Peterson, owner of Honey World Market.

World Honey Market takes care of every single stage of honey production from the harvesting, processing, packing, marketing, and distribution. They produce six varieties of honey including gallberry, orange blossom, Florida holly, wildflower, palmetto, and clover honey.  

Gallberry honey is a true taste of the South and their best selling honey. The gallberry grows in dense pine forests which does well in North Florida. This honey is a highly-prized mild honey but is also known for its unique woodsy, sweet, and spiced flavor. "Gallberry honey resists granulation and has a low sucrose content much like tupelo honey." as mentioned by Emilee. 

Whichever honey they are working on, each honey is produced seasonally and they make sure to provide bees the utmost care with enough supply of food and water.

Their honey products will bring join to any of your friends and family. It will keep you bee-utiful through any season with their naturally infused-honey beauty products.

World Honey Market

Location: Based in North Florida.

Why you need to buy: This is the best honey you can find in Northeast Florida. World Honey Market sells honey-infused products for your home.


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