Canada is a pretty huge country, meaning that we have a pretty diverse landscape across it. Canada has the Rocky Mountains, the prairies, the Arctic tundra, not to mention all of the forests, rivers and national parks. Thanks to this incredibly diverse topography, thousands of species of animals and wildlife are able to make their home here, making Canada the only country in the world with a wildlife species population well into the thousands!

In fact, according to the 2019 study from Global Wildlife Travel Index Canada actually has as many as 6,666 wildlife species living in the country, which is just under three times the USA, who has the second largest amount worldwide with just 2,341! 

For even more perspective, the third and fourth countries that have the highest number of wildlife species is Spain and Australia, who each only have 933 and 854 respectively. This means that Canada literally has thousands more species of wildlife than the rest of the world, which is definitely a pretty cool fact!

Far from being just the home of bears, beavers and moose, Canada is the native land of many incredible species, some of which you may not have even heard of …

Canada is believed to have as many as 462 incredible bird species living within the country. Of course, there is the classic Canada goose, who is a wonderful symbol of Canada worldwide. However, there are also some more unusual birds in Canada’s skies, including puffins, bald eagles and great blue herons.

If there is one thing you can say about Canada, it is rich in mammals. There are thousands of mammal species living in the True North, many of which have become the furry-faces of the country. Aside from the typical ‘Canadian’ creatures such as beavers, bears and moose, we also have mammals such as wolves, bison, foxes, weasels and otters!

Canada also has an awesome collection of snowy animals, with 36 different species of mammal living in Canada’s Arctic region alone! These range from marine species like narwhals, beluga whales and harp seals, to land-dwellers like caribou, polar bears and arctic foxes!

There are so many incredible, amazing and awe-inspiring creatures that make Canada their home, making it officially one of the best destinations in the world for wildlife lovers. 

How lucky we are, eh?!

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