The World War III Trend Is Full Of People Wanting To Move To Canada

2020 is off to a great start.
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World War III Twitter Trend Has People Talking About Moving To Canada

It's not every day that you see people talking on social media about a potential war and even joking about it. But that's exactly what's happening to start off 2020 and there's a Canadian connection to all the talk. The World War III Twitter trend is full of people ready to move to Canada. 

If you see World War III trending or any variation of the phrase, you might think it has something to do with a new video game or a movie.

But it's actually people talking about the potential of a third World War. Specifically, there is talk of war between Iran and the United States, draft-dodging, and moving countries and it's only a few days into the new year. 

However, people thinking that another global conflict could be on the horizon hasn't stopped them from making jokes and using memes to say that they'll move to Canada if it actually happens.

Even though war is no laughing matter, many people are still able to find the lighter side of what could be a monumental event.

One person tweeted, "K world war three guess I’m moving back to Canada."

Another person said, "Wow.... World War Three. Canada how easy is it to apply for residency?"

On January 2, the U.S. Defense Department announced that President Donald Trump had ordered an airstrike near an airport in Baghdad, Iraq which successfully killed a top Iranian general.

After the strike, Iran vowed "harsh retaliation" because of what happened.

Now people are talking about how this has the potential to be the start of World War III.

Canada is the next-door neighbour of the U.S. so that's why a lot of people are talking about moving here.

While there's no way to know for sure if this will start a war, at least these people have a plan for what they'll do if it does.

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