The World's Largest Fire Hydrant Is Hidden In This Adorable South Carolina City

40-feet-tall to be exact.
World's Largest Fire Hydrant Is Located in South Carolina

Roadside attractions are sometimes the best part of a road trip or family vacation. Coming across a cool structure or museum, stopping is a must, even if it's just for a few minutes to stretch your legs. The world's largest fire hydrant is right here in South Carolina and is larger than anyone can even imagine. 

Busted Plug Plaza is located in Columbia, South Carolina and is a sight to see. This is the world's largest hydrant, coming in at 675,000 pounds and 40-feet-tall, which is about four stories tall. 

The hydrant can be found in the AgFirst Farm Credit Bank parking lot, in between Marion Street and Bull Street. Once visitors turn on one of these streets, the hydrant is hard to miss.

Local artist “Blue Sky” brought this idea to the city back in 1999. Once it was approved, design started on the project.

It took approximately 14 months to actually construct the hydrant. 

It took around 75 people to bring this dream to life. There were architects, engineers and contractors to complete this ginormous structure.

The artist's website explains that this idea was actually for a fountain in Downtown Columbia back in 1980.

The fountain project didn't make it past the planning and drawing out phase for unknown reasons. 

Beaumont, Texas and Manitoba, Canada both have huge fire hydrants too, and at one point, claimed to be the world's largest as well.

The one in Columbia is taller by at least 10 feet and is heavier than the two. 

The project was supposed to be done by the year 2000, but it was ultimately unveiled on February 18, 2001. Locals and visitors alike can drive past this wonder and even get out and take some cool photos next to it.

Busted Plug Plaza 

Price: Free

Address: Taylor St, Columbia, SC

Why You Need To Go: Home of the world's largest fire hydrant. 

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