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Fans Think A Famous Wrestler Is Trolling Ryan Gosling By Dressing As Him During Fights

He'll "LA LA LAND on your head."
Wrestler Dresses Like Ryan Gosling For Match And It's Hilarious

People have been making fun of wrestlings new found love of overdramatizing matches for years now. Some don't even consider the event as a sport anymore. There's one new wrestler who's been gaining traction for taking the stage production in wrestling matches and giving them a whole other meaning. This wrestler dresses like Ryan Gosling for his matches and wins. 

Orange Cassidy is all the WWE community is talking about right now. He's not only known for dressing like Ryan Gosling in his fights but for spending most of the match with his hands in his pockets. Yet, he still manages to show off his skills and win. 

He's even finished off his costume with signature moves that all have something to do with Gosling's past movie roles. Moves like "LA LA LAND on your head" and "The not-so NICE GUY." His most obvious giveaway has to be his "BLADE RUNNER" which one person pointed out may actually get him into some legal troubles. 

People caught on to his role-play right away with people dressing up as Cassidy as Gosling on Halloween. 

Someone even seemed to legitimately think it was Gosling, "Since when did Ryan Gosling get into wrestling."

Same with this account, "Ryan Gosling is wrestling now?!"

While the new act is all fun and games, some people are upset that WWE is ruining their credibility even further. 

A twitter user named Kendra discussed WWE's most recent matches by saying that, "WWE fans are now all weirdo art kids because Actual Fight Fans migrates to UFC but you know who loves stage fighting, fun costumes, and melodrama? Art Kid."

Ingrid completely agreed saying that her husband refers to wrestlers as "theater kids who do Crossfit." 

While this may be upsetting to some long-time WWE fans there's no doubt that this situation would be hilarious to basically everyone in Canada

Someone wrestling as Ryan Gosling? Sign us up. 

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