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WTF, Instagram Now Notifies People When You Screenshot Their Pictures

Instagram now sends a notification to people when you screenshot their pictures on DM.
WTF, Instagram Now Notifies People When You Screenshot Their Pictures

We don't know how this can be a real thing, but Instagram actually notifies people when you screenshot their pictures now so let's just say screenshotting has been pronounced dead as of today. 

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The update was first noticed this morning. The Tab reported that Instagram has now updated its app to notify people when you've screenshotted their photos sent in a private message. Is nothing sacred anymore? 

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When you screenshot a photo DMed to you from someone else, a notification saying "Screenshot" now pops up in their inbox. Fingers crossed that Instagram undoes this feature real quick after public outrage because people are definitely not going to be happy about it. 

We really wish this wasn't true, but we tried it for ourselves and this is a legit thing that Instagram is doing now. Check out the screenshots for proof. After I messaged a picture to another Instagram account via a disappearing DM and it was screenshotted by the other account, I got a notification in my inbox saying "Screenshot". 

Via Screenshot

It's been several minutes since the photo was screenshotted and I'm sad to report that the "Screenshot" alert has not disappeared from the inbox, meaning the notification is here to stay and if they didn't see it the first time, they still won't miss the notification that someone screenshotted their photo. 

Some good news to make it a bit better (but good news is highly relative here) – this update thankfully does not tell someone when you screenshot their story but the saucy stuff is usually via DM, so... DMs are no longer sacred and please keep this in mind next time you screenshot a photo sent to you. 

Omg it’s true that instagram now alerts when you screenshot photos 😭

December 28, 2018

This horrible update comes a day after Instagram tried, and failed, to change the feed to a horizontal scroll instead of vertical. The update sparked huge backlash among users, and Instagram quickly apologized, saying the wide rollout was an accident and it was only meant to be a small test

Please Instagram, get rid of this feature ASAP like the horizontal scroll and never bring anything like it back.