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There are many ways to beat the summertime heat, but anything that involves rushing water is a no brainer. The Yampa River in Colorado is a fantastic place for a day of tubing and soaking up the sunshine on a clear day. You can cruise along for up to three hours and stay cool while the rapids do all the work.

The Yampa River near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, offers a long stretch of sparkling water perfect for a day in nature.

You can rent a tube and head down to any of the access points along the river, then float your way down for one to three hours.

There are stops along the way so you can explore the town and then jump back in the water to cruise to another section.

You can get an individual pass for $4 without a car, or a vehicle pass costs $9.

The official website of Steamboat Springs notes that private tubers can start near Fetcher Park, as the upper river is a renowned fishing zone.

Limited parking can be found at Weiss Park or Fetcher Pond, or you can park at Stockbridge Transit Center and then jump on the bus system's red line to stop 41.

This will give you the longest ride down the cascades, or head to stop 25 for a float that will drop you back to your car after an afternoon of rushing water and sunshine soaked fun.

You can bring your own tube, which can be rented from local outfitters, but they cannot be inflated on the bus. 

The best time of year to go is from June until August, thanks to rainfall and snowmelt that create light rapids.

You can rent any equipment you need from local shops, and it is wise to wear shoes that will stay on during the ride for the rocky bits if you decide to wander by foot.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day out on a lazy river in a stunning natural landscape.

Yampa River Tubing

Price: $4 for an individual pass, $9 for a vehicle

When: June - August

Address: Fetcher Park Dr., Steamboat Springs, CO

Why You Need To Go: You can spend the day floating down this river for some summertime R&R.


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