You Can Adopt A Puppy That Failed Service Dog Training In Canada

These pups deserve a good home!
You Can Adopt A Puppy That Failed Service Dog Training In Canada

I think everyone here can agree that dogs are literally the best animals around. There's a reason they're called 'a man's best friend' because they love us unconditionally and all we have to do is love them in return! 

But giving us all the love isn't the only thing dogs are great for, they also can train to become service dogs that help people with a variety of needs such as individuals with autism, PTSD, and more. An organization called the National Service Dogs of Canada trains and certifies service dogs to place them with Canadians in need every year! 

According to their website, they are able to place 83% of the dogs they train but what happens to the other 17%? 

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The other 17% of pups that don't pass the training and certification needed by the NSD of Canada are put up for adoption through their Career Change Dogs program. Some of the dogs just aren't suitable for the programs and can't make it through the training and so they're transitioned back into pet dogs! 

When a dog doesn't make it through the training they look for an internal placement first but if one isn't available they'll put the dog up for adoption. There's a long wait time to become an owner of a failed service dog and it can take up to a year or longer! 

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The adoption isn't free either, with a fee of $1,200 for a Career Change Dog. They have all been micro-chipped, are up to date on their vaccines, are from well established breeding lines, and have attended weekly obedience training sessions and extensive socialization so they'll be perfectly well-behaved when they arrive at your home. 

Since the dogs start their training as puppies, by the time they decide that they aren't suitable to become a service dog they'll be anywhere between 1-2 years of age so still a young pup but most likely fully grown. To apply you'll have to go through a screening process and meet the application criteria which includes a reference letter.

Applications are currently closed but they will be reopening the waitlist soon! Check out their website for more information. 

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