You Can Boycott Trump And Support Canadian Businesses By Shopping at This 100% Canadian Market

The Made In Canada event showcases tons of local vendors and sell only Canadian made goods.
You Can Boycott Trump And Support Canadian Businesses By Shopping at This 100% Canadian Market

It's not new information that Canada is currently caught up in a trade war with the United States. While the tension between President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau continues to grow due to trade negotiations, Canadians are weighing in the only way they can. 

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The movement of #BuyCanadian was created to help support the economy in Canada by simply opting for Canadian products. Not only are you supporting your country, you're also helping a business thrive in Canada opposed to the United States.

Now a cross-Canada pop-up market is back for the fifth year in a row and the theme could not be more timely. is hosting it's Made In Canada event in 37 different cities across the country on September 29th, 2018 to help you shop 100% Canadian and support local businesses. 

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The event will showcase local Etsy shops that are local to you. Whether you're out in British Columbia, up in the Yukon, or living the island life in PEI, there will be a market available to you with totally unique Canadian brands. 

Etsy only puts on the brick and mortar pop-up for one day every year. The 2018 event marks the fifth anniversary for the market and while it's always good to support Canadians, this year the market brings a new opportunity to boycott American products. 

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Their vendors always have unique products that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Stands across the country will be offering a variety of 100% Canadian made goods, like handmade jewellery, clothing, home decor, and so much more. Plus this gives you an opportunity to support a Canadian business that you may have otherwise never thought about! 

Here's a full list of the cities participating and where you can find a local pop-up market to support Canadian vendors: 


British Columbia 




New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Prince Edward Island

Because the pop-up is just in time for fall, most of the merchandise available will be focused around the season! Pick up some cute new pins for your fall jacket from Canadian brand The Sparkle Collective or grab some new pieces for your autumn wardrobe from Leckie Apparel, made 100% in Canada! 

It's not all fashion though, there will be tons of vendors who will be selling baking goods, baby products, beauty must-haves and more. Who doesn't love seasonal baked goods? Fall is probably the best time of year to throw on your comfy sweater and grab some delicious steamy and warm baked goods! We all love a good pumpkin pie, right?

Each event will have tons of local food vendors available to enjoy! 

Another bright side to buying from Canadian shops is the fact that these items are as unique as our home and native land! Friends can totally fawn over your individual pieces that cannot be found anywhere else!

If you can't make it to the Esty Made In Canada pop-up market this year, don't fret! All of the local vendors at your pop-up are also available online on all year long. 

Don't skip on this opportunity to support your fellow Canadian and get some amazing new products. From skin care, clothing, accessories, stationery and more, there is definitely something for everyone. 

If the adorable handmade items and delicious baked goods aren't reason enough, then I'm sure that boycotting the president down South, surely will be!